October 2012

WOW!!!! That is half unbelievable

WOW!!!!  That is half unbelievable. All the stress and anxiety…..gone. Just like that. THANK YOU so much for all the assistance and support, EVERYONE that has been involved this far. This is our dream come true.

Wow Sharon, that’s great

Wow Sharon, that’s great, thanks for the news and all the effort. People often ask me why I didn’t do this all by myself, especially when my friend did and saved your fee. The thing is, as I’m sure most of your clients tell you, its the peace of mind and despite the fact that its a lot of money, we have recommended your services every time. I’m hoping that’s the best kinda thanks we could give. To trust you guys with so much important stuff is priceless. Carl and Maggie

I cant thank you and your team enough

OMG Sharon!!!!  I did no check my mail this weekend – now Monday morning and what a joy!  Thanks you so so so much for everything! I am over the moon. Sharon, I cant thank you and your team enough.  You have been an absolute rock for me and I really don’t think I could have done this without you.  Bless you all and let me know when you are coming to NZ – champagne is definitely on the cards! Lots of love Theresa

I am typing this with tears running down my face

Sharon. I have no words. We are so so so happy. Darryl is in a meeting and i just cant wait for him to get out so we can jump up and down and scream with joy!!!!! I am typing this with tears running down my face. We are so grateful to you for everything. It is a life changing event and we have only you to thank. I dont actually know what to do with myself now! so so so happy Thanks again Bronwyn