February 2013

Words cannot express….

Hi Sharon .. Hope you are doing well because I know I am. Just to give you a heads up on what is happening….I personally took passports copy of approval letter and a current utility bill for address and dropped it by Immigration in Henderson along with a bank issued cheque as advised. So not gonna celebrate just yet as we wanna physically see the passports stamped. I believe it would take about 3 weeks as I have spoken with Reita. To you I have no words to describe how much I appreciate all you have done for me and my family.Words cannot express how thankful we are for finding a brilliant agent such as yourself you definitely one of a kind. Thank you so much and soon as we have our passports you would be the first to know. Have an awesome weekend take care and to a prosperous year ahead. Sayed and Tasneem

We did it!

Hi Sharon, Yah!!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!  This move to New Zealandgave us a second lease on life and we are and will in future make the mostof it. Thank you for the way you dealt with our case – most certainly the reasonthere were no further complications and requests.  You and your team areawesome!  It wasn’t an easy journey but without your team it wouldn’t havebeen possible for me and my family.  WE DID IT!  I do believe there wasdivine intervention in the process but I think it started with making ourpath cross with you and your team. Big thank you again and best wishes to you and your team. Kind regards,Febe

Excellent Service…

Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for all your efforts and patience. You have so far delivered the best and most professional service to our family. We recommend  you to all our family and friends wanting to come over and will continue promoting your excellent service. Thanks once again and God bless. Regards The Anthony family

Thank you!

Hi ladies, Well we are settling in nicely this side :)  I would just like to extend a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work in securing my Visa. Sharon you went above and beyond and fought tooth and nail all the way. You NEVER gave up, even when I had! You are truly a miracle worker and after all your blood, sweat and tears we were finally given the visa.  You honestly went above and beyond and our family owes you everything for the life we are living together over here. You really were the difference! Now we take our next few steps in the New Zealand world! Thanks again for the difference you have all made in our lives and with our New Zealand journey.  Hope you all have a lovely week and we will chat soon.  :) Kirsty

We are blessed to be here…

Dear Sharon, Ian, Nicky & Michelle Thank you so much for all your efforts over the past few months. Everything you have done has been greatly appreciated by all of the Mulder family.  Sharon you personally went all out in your efforts to get Kirsty’s visa issued. We cannot thank you enough.  We are now happy in New Zealand and are beginning to experience what this beautiful country has to offer. The 7 months while Karl was away, was really tough. I am thankful to say it is worth all of what we went through.  New Zealand is a beautiful country and we are blessed to be here. Thanks again for everything. Take care Regards Leigh

It’s gone so fast…

Hi Sharon and Nicky, That’s wonderful news – thank you very much – we really appreciate all your work, guidance and efforts. People here can’t believe how fast everything has gone, including Work Visa’s etc Thanks again. Regards, Trevor

Giving thanks!

Today , as I prepare for church, I am going to give thanks and praises to our FATHER. The Father who made you and I, I trusted you and your amazing TEAM. The Team that is dedicated to giving people and families the FREEDOM of LIFE, this is the biggest BLESSING in one’s life , the gift of freedom and PEACE, THANK YOU for changing our lives FOREVER. Our journey has just begun and we are TRULY grateful. Thank you so much for this amazing OPPORTUNITY, we really appreciate it and will treasure this moment. Our Sincere gratitude All Our Love Karl and the Family

Thanks a mil….

Hi Sharon I hold in my hands, 3 x passports with student & work visa stamps hot off the press. Thanks a mil for your assistance & chasing up last week! Phew! Relieved we have them so the girls are free to go to school without any issues. We are really loving NZ at the moment. Jacque’s first day at work today so going to start settling in to a proper routine shortly. Registered the girls at St Thomas Primary on Friday last week to start this Thursday. Thanks again, Jeffrey