April 2013

Forever Grateful!

Thank you,  thank you, thank you.  Done deal.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  Given us a new opportunity! You a star! ! Will be forever grateful to you and Ian. Glad you on holiday in such an awesome place.   Claire.

Amazing news…

Hi Sharon This is amazing news. We couldn’t of done this without you. Tried calling you last night our time but will call you tonight our time when you back in the office. I truly can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us. You truly showed us another world and for that I will always be thankful and grateful. I am so happy and so sad at the same time, the part that makes me sad is that ‘officially’ we not dealing with you anymore, but wanted to know if it would be ok still to keep in touch with you? We did this together and i’m glad I made the move with you as our guidance because you kept us going and always reassured us and were always genuine and honest and those qualities are hard to find in people these days. On a more personal note I have attached a copy of our last scan. It’s a boy!!!!!!!!!! And now that we have residence he will be kiwi and this is all thanks to you. When I’m in Cape town again I will bring him around to meet the aunty that gave him a better future. I will send our passports off tomorrow Friday 19-04-13. Thanks for everything and always being there for us. I would recommend you to everyone without hesitation

Happy with our decision…

Hi Sharon We are still happy with our decision. We are so grateful that we are here. The kids are thriving here, with our older son loving his school and freedom and our youngest starting to settle in and enjoy his school. Both schools are putting in so much effort with our children – more in 2 months than their whole school career back in SA. I have been asked by the SA community in Auckland to set up a social club down here in Tauranga, so we are working on that. Looking forward to what the future holds. So many opportunities lie ahead. Keep well Debby

Great news…

Hi Sharon THANK YOU!!!!  Great news!  I will be sending our passports off tomorrow.  It is such a big relief! Breda cannot believe Regards Lynette

A soft Landing

Hi Sharon, It is fantastic. Just upset that I didn’t look at this option years ago. I was so fixated on Canada for all those years and channeled all that energy in the wrong direction. Nevertheless, I will need to build on from here. I really like the North side so hopefully we will be able to live this side in the not so distant future. Scott