June 2013

Happy with our move…

Hi Sharon, I hope you all are well. We received the documents for residence. I will be sending them tomorrow. We are GOOD, the girls went to the mall  by bus to watch a movie on their own today. They really loved the independence today. Bernard and myself are good. We had a very cold week with snow and everything, the kids couldn’t even go to school. But it only lasted for one day. We are still very happy with our move. Lize -Marie went for an audition at Vision College and were excepted to study music there next year. We hope the residency would be finished before then, then she don’t have to register as an international student. It will be much cheaper for us. Thank you for everything. Regards, Bernard and Paulina.

Wonderful news…

Hi Sharon, This is wonderful news. You also had a lot of hard work, we could not have done it without you. We also gave you a hard time from time to time, especially Helen who had a lot of questions. I have mentioned you to 2 people that I know was interested in moving to New Zealand. I hope they make a decision and contact you. We appreciate all your effort and would also like to see you when you visit New Zealand next time.  Kind Regards, John and Helen

Thank you very much!

Hi, Sharon Thank you very much! We really appreciate all you have done for us. Please accept a massive hug from all of us!   Blessings,  Francois

Thanks very much!

So good to have your wonderful services no matter if I am here or in SA; before or after I pay you :-) Thanks very much Sharon!!!

Money well spent…

Hi Sharon Just letting you know that I arrived in auckland. The flight from jhb toSydney had hectic turbulence and from Sydney to auckland but I’m alive. I just want to say thank you to you, Ian and your team for helping mealong the way so far. This was definitely money well spent. If it was notfor you guys this would not have been possible. Thank you again. Onlything I am looking forward to now is to start working and to get my familyto join me. Ps. Need to get use to easy life and how people here scan, pay and packtheir own groceries. Good thing we don’t have this in South Africa. Lol Kind regards E jones