December 2014


Hi Sharon Thanks for coming back to me. I will tell Riana.Over here we do grid controlling meaning we balance the load all the time. Because over here no works are allowed to upset the public. South Africa is going backwards and yes we are so happy to be here.You just can’t explain to people in SA in words how life is over here. They will assume you just over exaggerated the story. But thanks to you we are here and very happy. Kind regardsHannes


Hi SharonJust a little news from NZ. I have found a house very close to my new work, 1.1 km. So guess who will be walking to work when that work visa comes through. I have speaking to Steven and Cari two of you clients just to keep them motivated, looks and sounds like a very nice couple. I had a great day shopping for some stuff for the house yesterday. Spent done time at Warehouse and managed to get all I needed on specials. Once I had paid for all of the goods a man came up to me and said “wow you have bought a load of stuff, here have my discount I’m a trader and sell to warehouse”. He wished me a merry Christmas and off he went. Once the discount was worked out I got a further 8% off. I must say a wonderful blessing indeed.Well…

Hi from New Zealand

Hello Nicky and Sharon I hope you guys are doing well I’m sure things your side must be very busy. I wanted to find out when you guys are closing for the year and reopening Reason being is that I am coming back to South Africa over December /January and would like to come and see you and let you know how things are going this side. And also perhaps encourage some of the South African newbies to New Zealand. We now have A Permanent Residence visa and are on our 3 year countdown towards citizenship. Thank you for all your help in getting here. I hope we can catch up when I am in South Africa. And if it is after Christmas I hope you have a great Christmas. Kind Regards Danny


Hello Sharon, We have been thinking of you and hope that all is going well and that you have had a good year.  It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here and soon it will be 2015! Bremm and I are both fine and have settled into our new home, very close to where I work in Mairangi Bay.  I am enjoying my job  and find the work interesting.  There is a pleasant work environment and the company treats the staff well and makes an effort to acknowledge their hard work. Our shipment of personal belongings arrived from SA in late October and after clearing it through Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our goods were delivered to us.  Our boxes had been stored at the shipping company for over 5 months and then shipped to NZ, so we were relieved to find them in very…

Thank You

Hi Sharon Wow!thanks so much Sharon!You did more than what we expected and always came through. Warm regards Darryl and Alicia

Thank you

Hi Sharon, I hope you had an enjoyable and successful trip to New Zealand. Charmaine and I are settling really nicely and are becoming more familiar with our surroundings. We have had some fantastic drives into the country. We are really enjoying the country and the people. Work is going well and they seem to be happy with me. We are looking forward to getting  our residents so we can relax and make this our new home. Please send greeting to Ian, Sandra and Kathrine. You and your team have been fantastic and we would like to thank you for all your effort. Kind Regards Wayne and Charmaine