June 2015


Thank you so much for the good news and thank you so much for everything, I really don’t have any words that could describe how thankful I am for everything you have done for my family and the families still to come. I will forever be thankful for your help to give my kids a better and safer future. Thank you all. Hope you have a beautiful week. Kind Regards Alex


Omg!  Thank you so much for all help! It has been so greatly appreciated! You have been amazing Every step of the way!     Thanks Jacqui


Hi Sharon!   Thanks for the awesome news! Was a great start to the day to get the news!   Thanks for all you’ve done over the past few years to get us to this point! We will always recommend you should anyone need an agent!   Many thanks again! Marisa


Hi Sharon Trust you well Thought I will give you an update I am starting my semester 20 July..have started a  small homestay business and its progressing (if you needing any accommodation give me a ring )already working with Korea and China where Nicole has visited last year..and now getting ready for the states @13 yrs..unbelievable..hey? My son is excited to start university and has already been invited by one of the top universities to attend a camp..introducing mechatronics engineering and offered a scholarship…alot of hard work ahead but his ready. Started driving and will be obtaining his restricted licence soon. Darryl is loving it here too..and his progressing well in his company..his already been offered the company vehicle and see a great future there and will be studying to obtain his degree in wood trade..we have worked hard..but its paying off bit by is great. .attend diabetic programme;and its marvellous service..a service I would have paid a months salary at a private hospital. Taxes are steep but the returns are fantastic. My children says I quote ‘ we dont want to go back to SA’ For the money we spent it was all worth it..starting over again. We trust that we can later work towards owning our own home We are now planning to really explore New Zealand now that residence is behind us and all important immigration requirements has been met. Thank you Sharon for a job well done!! Hugs Alicia;Darryl;Chad and Nicole


You are a star. Always. I’ve met some people…. Arno, his wife and kids. And also friends of them, whom you also helped. Also here in Napier.  They have the best things to say about you! Just thought I’d give you some positive feedback here from Hawkes Bay. Have a nice day.


Hi Nicky / Sharon   Only a pleasure   Sharon, Robert is so happy here, we truly feel blessed that we have made this change, and thanks to you both we did it, a difficult process but whooh all so worth it,  and we will NEVER look back.  He is going on training next month and he is looking forward to the new beginnings. I will keep you posted.   Keep warm and safe   Have a great week kind regards Bets

Thank You

Hi Sharon,   Thank you so much for the wonderful news! It’s obviously been a really good day. Please pass on our thanks to your team, especially Nicky who has done a phenomenal job. We’re most grateful to you all.     Thanks again.   Paul Rudd

Thank You

Oh my goodness!!! What a way to wake up in the morning!! The best news ever!!! We would also like to thank you and your team for all your patience with us and support no watter how silly the question was. We could not have done this yourney without you and your amazing service! Unbelievable thank you thank you and thank you. I guess I can keep going to say thank you, but no words can say thank you enough for all that you have done! This week is surely one to remember! I got the other job as well on Monday and going to sign my contract today. Thank you again!!!!!! Love from NZ Jonéll & Remé


Hi Sharon   You will never believe what an immense relief it was to receive our PR confirmation letter today. Thanks a million for everything.   Warmest Regards Yvette 


Hi Nicky, Zaki & Sharon Wow!!! Nez Zealand is amazing!!! Loving every second. We didn’t have any problems at the airports.  Everything went smoothly. The flights was good. Arrived in Christchurch just after 11 pm on Friday. I already enrolled the kids in a school. They are starting on Monday and are very exited :-). The school is 350m from our house. Very lovely school. Everybody is friendly. It’s a busy city, but still so calm and relaxed. I’m so glad we made the move. Thank you for all your help and assistance. Will keep you posted. Have a lovely day :-) Marisa