July 2015


HI Sharon, Oh my goodness, thank you for the wonderful news! I am so grateful for all your assistance. I am quite confident that we would have been able to do the whole process on our own without the use of an agent BUT it would have taken us far longer, with far more stress, with less confidence and would likely have given up half the way through this immigration! We are grateful for the confident, competent and prompt help, advice and service you have delivered to us. I will email our details through tomorrow. Thanking you and your team. Inge (and Werner and Morgan)


Hi Sharon.   Thank you for the wonderful news.   You will never know how much we appreciate all your hard work and help. You made this immigration process a pleasure. Thank you to everyone who made this possible for us.   We are extremely happy here. Eddie have a wonderful job and had his first raise a month ago. I’m working as a health support worker at the moment while I’m looking for another job. The children is doing exceptionally well at school and they are so happy. They adapted so well – as if nothing ever changed. New Zealand is an amazing place, everything works so well. And its the most beautiful place.   Thank you once again for everything   Best regards Rena


Hi Sharon, I hope all is well with you. We would just like to let you know that our passports arrived this morning with our residence visas in them (we submitted the forms just under two weeks ago). We are very happy and would like to thank you for everything. It was great working with you. Kind Regards Shaun and Louise


Hi Sharon! And lastly to say a HUGE thank you to you, Ian and Sandra. It’s been tough, but worth it! Thank you for all your help and guidance. Confirming that this concludes our information and guidance from you, but hoping that we can keep in touch and that if there’s something urgent that I might give you a call. I know that everything is sorted now, so I most likely won’t need to ask anything. God Bless! Claudette, Michael and Lydia


Hello Sharon, that is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you and the company have done for us. Many thanks Tamara