September 2015

Thank you

Hi Nicky, I just want to make use of this opportunity to thank YOU and your team – Sanjeev in specific for the way you guys have handled our application up to date.  From the day we met up to now where I have submitted Cobi’s visa application it all went without big hassles.  I have and will refer all crossing my path to you and your company. I am happy all went so good and really look forward to the residency application if this is the way things will go.  Good work.  I am happy to work with you and your team.  Well done!!   Regards JD

Very Happy!

Hi Sharon How are you? I just wanted to thank you for everything and your work in securing our visa’s. We are grateful to have had the use of your services and that you were able to secure us the visa’s in the end without any unexpected costs or events.We received our passports this morning with their new shiny residency stamps in them and we are very happy. We wish you, Ian and your company all of the best for the future. We are sure your company will continue to prosper with many more people heading to this side of the world.   Kind Regards, Jacques

Whoop! Whoop!……

Good morning, Whoop! Whoop!……awsome news I will do the booking for then, thanks you very much for everything! Kind Regards, Craig

Thank you for all your help.

Good day Sharon.   Hope you are well.    Just tot let you know that we got our endorsed visas back.    Thank you for all your help – we could not have done it without you.   Have a lovely weekend Regards Rena

Thank you very much

Hi ladies Thank you very much I can’t tell you how happy I am I am in tears, I just want to say thank you for all you hard work, patience and help. The service that you provide make dreams come true for new lives. I will always recommend you for any people who want to make the move. May you have a great day.   Kind Regards   Dusty

Best News Ever!

Oh wow!!!!! Thank you sooooo very much!  Thats the best news ever!! Thank you!! Erni

Best News!

Hi Sharon! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Best news I have heard to date! That is awesome! It is such a relief to know that after months of work from your side and ours, lots of stress and prayers, it has finally come through. We are very grateful for all you’re hard work and patience with the whole process. We cannot wait to get those stickers in our passports. Thank you so much! We are absolutely ecstatic!!! Kind Regards, Jacques

Thank you for Holding our Hands

O wow Sharon what awesome news, we sent the application in last year September and finally it’s done. I am quite numb, I think a little shocked. Thank you for holding our hands through this and being there to motivate and push us when we needed it, sharing in the success and failure. You helped me get my Sascha and for that there is no way in this world I could muster enough words to show or express my gratitude and thanks. Tomorrow when I get up I get up a free man and Sascha gets up with the surety the only thing that can ever hold him back is himself. To be honest I don’t think I am going to be able to sleep I am so excited. The Gander Boys

Thank you

Hi Sharon   This is the greatest news ever, I almost cant believe it had finally come through. Yes as you said, some parts of this journey was stressful and I didn’t knew what to expect going forward. I must thank you and your team at New Zealand Migration Services for all your support, assistance, understanding and patience. We now truly appreciate and understand the value of having you by our side.