December 2015

We are so happy!!!!

Hi Sharon We are so happy!!!! Thank you so much for all you assistance and kindness.  We are really blessed to have met you!

Letter of Thanks

HI Sanjeev We are running here, so while I would like to send you a  long letter of thanks…I am just unable to at the moment due to pressures at work and what with the container loading. My mom and dad summed it up really well….without you I do not think we would be where we are now. There is no doubt that you have played a pivotal role in changing our lives forever and for that we are eternally grateful and not able to truly express just how thankful we are at what you have done for us.I hope that this will not be the last time we speak. If you are ever in New Zealand again, please get in touch with us. I have already given two sets of friends and family your details so you may hear from them sometime in the not too distant future. Wishing you and your family a safe and blessed Festive Season Warm Regards Kelli, Anthony & Callum

Changing Lives

Dear Sanjeev The time has come to announce our absolute gratitude for the ongoing and outstanding service that you have provided to date. We arrived in New Zealand in January this year on work visas, all prepared under your watchful eye whilst you were at Network Migration Services. You had already started processing our Residency Visa applications, and then left NMS and joined NZ Migration Services. Notwithstanding the fact that you had no obligation whatsoever to continue to spearhead our residency applications as you were no longer with NMS, you took it upon yourself to monitor the process and interact with NZ immigration on our behalf. We were rewarded on 1 December this year with the approval of the residency visas, only 10 months after we arrived, and we ascribe this painless journey to your efficiency and unwavering dedication and commitment to your clients. As if that was not enough you successfully achieved the approval of two further work visas for our children in such a short space of time, and we are delighted to have them join us in just two weeks from now. We have acknowledged the proficiency with which you have conducted yourself in an environment we you clearly understand so well, on numerous occasions, yet we still cannot find the means to thank you enough for the exceptional way in which you made it all happen. For us, you have been instrumental in changing the lives of five people and we will be indebted to you forever. We wish you and your family happiness and safety over the festive period, and will continue to refer our friends and other interested migrants to you and your company without reservation and hesitation Kindest regards Peter and Carol

Residency Approved!

What??????????? Am I reading this correct????? Is our residency approved??? AHHHHHH I am so excited!  It sure hasn’t been easy… To this day I still hand out your contact details to friends and family as if it is my business card.  One of my friends,  (whom I also gave your details to) came over in October, her husband and child is landing tonight, in Wellington.  She is in ecstacy. Kind regards Lecinda

Amazing new Life

Hi Sharon, Lovely to hear from you! O yes, we have settled in nicely.  Feels like we have come home.  The children have adjusted exceptionally well and quick. My son is already speaking English with a Kiwi accent!  Too adorable,  He also did extremely well at his rugby club this year. Got player of the day awards, player of the month & was chosen at the end of the season as his teams rugby player of the year.  We are so proud.  They are really just flourishing!  Mia has also adjusted better at school here then she did in South Africa.  She just loves her teacher & has made a lot of friends real quick. Our container also arrived at our house this morning, so everything is falling in to place nicely.  Thanks for the update on the residency. It is spring, but still feels like winter some days. We had a couple of cold days the last 2 weeks. Struggling in the evenings though to get the children to bed. It only starts getting dark around 8:30pm & the kids are like, why do they have to go to bed, it isn’t even dark yet!!! We love our new life here in Christchurch.  Words are not enough to describe how wonderful it is & how extremely happy and fortunate we are to be here.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all your help and assistance. Without you guys we would have never been able to be here & have this amazing new life. Have a lovely day. Kind Regards, Marisa

The Best news

Hi Sanjeev, That is the best news ever. Thank you so, so much. We are beyond thrilled. Have a great weekend. Regards Carrie

a thousand thanks

Hi Sharon, A thousand thanks, Sharon, for your sensational news!!!! PR granted in such a short time – Is this a record? Yes, we received your mails. Unfortunately we were busy with a ‘planning session’ and not near any computers until this morning. When Ilona opened her email at the breakfast table there were a few moments of silence while we let the good news sink in; then very gradually the magnitude of the event and the relief began to take hold. The solemnity of the occasion prevented any exuberant outburst, but the joy is profound indeed; matched only by our gratitude to you and your team for everything you’ve done to get us this far. I don’t want to gush, but you will hear more of our appreciation in future mails. It is an interesting state of emotional existence – where one appears able to feel joy and horror almost simultaneously. Amidst the euphoria of our PR, I certainly felt anguish and empathy when I read of your cousin surviving a hijack attempt, but being shot in the leg a week later. My instinctive reaction was to express gratitude that it wasn’t worse and to hope that the bullet passed through muscle tissue and that it missed any bones. However, I know that the trauma (both physical and emotional) will be deep and long lasting; and will take considerable effort to rise above it. I fervently hope that he and his family are able to remove themselves to a place of greater safety. Catastrophically, the numbers of victims of this savagery continue to grow at an alarming pace. I agree with you that there appears to be no solution and the downward spiral of the situation in general seems to be steepening. You, Ian and family are in our…

Best New Ever!!!!

Hi Sharon Yeahhhhhh!!!!!Best new ever!!!! Thanks so much for all your help!!!!!!Wouldn’t have been able to this without you.