April 2016

Wonderful News!

Thanks Sanji this is wonderful news! Thanks a lot for all the help you have given me! Lourens    

Thank you so much

Hi Sanjeev This is great news. Thank you so much. Thank you to yourself, Nicky and Ushma for all you have done. No words can describe how grateful we are. Have a great day. Michael  

Thank you !

Sharon Thank you so much for this email!!! I actually cried and I actually prayed this morning! I have to thank you for everything you and Ian have done for us! You have been so patient with us and thank you for this! Thanks Sharon it’s been a pleasure!!! Wanda

Thank you!

  Hi Sanj. Apologies for the delay. With all that has been going on for us, it has been an extremely stressful time. Once again, thank you very much for all that you do for us. I was thinking a lot about it this morning on my drive to work, and was thinking about how huge an impact your services has on our family. You will be creating positive influence and change for GENERATIONS of my family and that is something to be most proud of. Anyway, have a good day and once again, thanks you. Thanks Wayne  

Happy and Thankful !

Hi Sharon Just thought I would pop of a mail to you as today is a very special day you made possible. Today one year ago I landed in Auckland with Sascha. If it was not for you and your tireless efforts I would not have been able to enjoy waking up under the same roof as my precious son for the last year. He has grown so much this year, both in body and in maturity. He no longer wakes up at night and is no longer scared of going out. Never think of what you do as just a way to make money that has no real meaning. Both Sascha and I are and will always be in your dedt. When it got really tough you were there guiding and motivating us and keeping us on track. Sharon in short as a father I cannot express or put into words how thankful I am to you for your help and patients with us. I am sure I was not one of the easy ones. Happy and thankful Athol and Sascha

Great Smiles and Joy!

  Dear Sharon, Your email has brought along great smiles and joy!! It is definitely us that need to thank you all for all your assistance and patience!!! This has been quite a journey, but we have no regrets. I really hope that we will meet up soon for that coffee that we owe you guys! Thanks again for everything. We’ll be waiting for your letter. Kind regards Sandra

Awesome News!

Hi Sharon, What awesome news!! We are very excited and can’t thank you and the team enough for all of your assistance and support. Hope you are well and thanks again for everything! Kind Regards, Deborah Nel