May 2016


Hi Sanj   I heard of this brilliant news in the midst of a crazy programme last week. Therefore only responding now.   You have in true “Singh” style, proven your worth once again, which is deserving of much more than a simple thank you. We are naturally delighted with the outcome, based to such an extent on your capability and commitment to your clients. Thanks Sanj.   Kindest regards Peter and Carol


Hi Nicky and Sanjeev, I would just like to thank you guys for the amazing service! We received our passports back today with our residents visa’s in them. You guys truly do an amazing job and have gone out of you way to get us to where we are today! Thank you again. Dwayne and Catherine


Hi Sharon   Words cannot express how happy and excited we are. From the bottom of our hearts a huge THANK YOU to you for being part of our wonderful journey. Thank you for the excellent service we have received from you since the start of our life changing journey to New Zealand.   Your service has just been excellent from the beginning and always going the extra mile when we needed it . I was always very impressed how smoothly you managed to get all the loads of paper work to flow.   We will always keep you dear to our hearts and will stay in contact. I will also miss the correspondence.   We will continue to contribute positively to New Zealand a wonderful place we can call home.   I trust that you will continue to be the Angel that  brings life changing happiness to many more families .     Have a wonderful and blessed day.   Warm and kind regards   Love Franco,Alison,Kelly and Giovanni


Hi Sharon & Nicky   How are you doing?   WOW!  I can’t believe we’ve been in New Zealand for one year already!  Feels just like the other day we were still scampering around to get all the needed paperwork sorted! This has definitely been the most amazing, wonderful, changing, challenging, exiting, blessed experience we’ve ever had! I still can’t believe that we are actually living here. It is just so amazing. Such a beautiful country & Christchurch is just gorgeous. Especially with Autumn in full swing & all the lawns covered with red, orange & yellow leaves. And the trees just look amazing!! And this morning we could see the first snow on the Alps ☺   Just want to quickly pop-in & let you know how things are going this side ☺   Everybody is doing really well.  Leon & myself are enjoying our jobs very much. The kids are more than happy in school – I still think it doesn’t feel like school to them some times. They are just loving it!!  They have made good friends & have settled in nicely. Our son sounds like a proper Kiwi when he speaks. It’s actually funny to think our home language is Afrikaans & he has picked up on the English & Kiwi accent so quickly ☺ Just adorable.   We also experienced a couple of earthquakes over the past 3 months. Our first big one was on the 14th of Feb aka the Valentines Day Quake.  Another big one struck on the 29th of February.  They were really shaky ones. It’s a funny feeling, but you get used to them, in some way I suppose. In another way it’s actually a bit exiting to feel the earth tremble & shake all over ☺   Our family is coming over for a visit in a months time….

Thank you!!

Hi Sharon, That is fantastic news! I am so grateful. I will probably have to read this mail again in the morning just so i know that im not dreaming. I will have a good read and let it sink in….but for now. Thank You.!! Chat to you again soon Kind Regards Gordon

Thank you.

  Hi Sanjeev, Thanks a lot for that, appreciate the service you give. Kind Regards Mark

Thank you so much !

Good day Sanjeev, We got our passports back from NZ Immigration and the Residency Stamp is done.  Man I need to thank you so much for all the help an support given to us during this time.  I really appreciate all you have done and was real nice working with you.  Best of luck with you and the business going forward.  I will most definitely recommend others to you as well.   Regards JD