We have adopted the Kiwi Way of Life, Thank You!

Hi Sharon   We are still in awe about our new home and all thanks goes to you for having been a positive part of it.  We have really settled in well and have adopted the kiwi way of life.  We are just so blessed to be here.  A huge Congratulations to you and your awesome team for the wonderful assistance given to so many families over the past 25 years. I am sure they will all echo the same words that you are an Angel and that you have made many  families dreams a reality for a brighter future . Thank you once again Sharon for being that Angel to my family and I.  We wish you and your team all the best for many more years to come and that you will continue to make the dreams of others a reality.  Lots of love.    Franco, Alison, Kelly and…

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Reunited with the Family.

Thank you so much Sharon, This is fantastic news. My family and I are super happy and excited to be reunited again soon. Regards Adrian

Appreciative, as always.

Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your guidance, and been part of our new family journey. You right, life is a journey, learn and live it! For sure, we’ll celebrate a little bit later :) As always, appreciative. Many thanks, Rick    

Less Stressful!

Hi Sharon That’s is amazing news! Niki had just received a job offer and now the residence has been approved, it’s been a good week. Thank you to you and the team for your assistance through the process. I think with having you guys assisting us, it’s  made everything less stressful.

Again, thank you so much!

Hi Sharon Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much!!! You guys continue to be amazing!! Again, thank you so much. Kind regards Eddie

So Exciting!

Hi Sharon So exciting! Thank you for the update and the team’s great work. Kind regards Jo-Ann

Whoop Whoop!

Hi Sharon We received our PR visas today! Whoop whoop.   Thank you so much!!!  Have a great weekend Sharon! 

Best News Ever!!

That is just the best news ever Sharon! We have everything lined up so will be ready and waiting. Just marvellous news indeed. Thanks again for all the feedback and support on this! Great thing our shipment just arrived and we had a case of champers included!! Have a great Sunday. Chat again soon.

No Words – Dancing in the rain.

 Hi Sharon  I am “Dancing in the rain” at this very moment my heart is just bursting, it is somewhere between laughing and crying, the feeling just has no words.  Enough of my emotional babbling  As always and for all my years to come, forever in your debt  Athol (so flipping happy Dad)