No regrets….

Hi Sharon Just saw your earlier mail now. We’re doing fine in spite of the earthquakes which have become a way of life. We live in Burnside which is close to the airport on the northwest side of the city On the bright side we went to Kaiteriteri (top of the South Island) for the long weekend and it was amazing. The beach had this lovely golden sand and the weather was warmer. We passed through Nelson on the way back and I could happily live in Nelson, one day. Christchurch is a very convenient city, no real traffic and most places are just 10 minutes away. It’s just a city without a city after the earthquake. Work opportunities are plentiful though. Jacques found a better job at Didata and has been working there since Oct last yr. He is enjoying that. I am in a senior position at St Georges Hospital and am working with amazing people. It would just help on the home front if my mom was here because there’d be less rushing around for me. I am considering resigning and finding a job with school hours so that I can actually have me-time. Overall, no regrets about moving here. I do miss my friends and special places in Cape Town but I like the fact that I can relax here and not worry about criminals. I like the fact that my kids are not growing up with violence being normal. They are becoming ‘kiwinised’ and are making friends. I like the lack of fear that I have. You could say that the earthquakes cause other stresses and they do but somehow it’s still better here. Maybe it’s because the house we bought is in the bubble on the other side of the suburbs most damaged by…

We are residents now!

Hi Sharon, Our passports were returned to us with residents visas in them!!!!. Thank you for your help. We are both really excited and our options open up wide now. It’s an awesome early Christmas present. I don’t think the reality that we are residents now has hit home yet. But regardless, we are celebrating this weekend. Anyway thank you to you and your team, Danny and Annie.

Life is definitely different here…

Hi Nicky and Sharon…. Life here is definitely different and it takes quite a bit of adjusting . I do miss my daily excessive shopping spree in Lonehill and Sandton, finding great food from Woolies and the SUN… but have adapted to not spending so much, home cooking – which is not my forte and wearing warm clothes for longer periods of the year… As for the public transport – its amazing even though we have 2 cars to get around.. Lucky Raz has parking allocated for him at work ( Yes, its a Perk here… can you believe it, Nicky) Most jobs come with No parking allocation.. I do enjoy the fact that school only starts at 9am and the school is a 3 min walk from home and that Zia is enjoying school – I save on Private school fees which I used to pay and arm and a leg for back in Jhb. The education system here is really good and when I see Zia’s school.. I can actually compare it to some good private schools back in Jhb. Dedicated teachers and great atmosphere which makes diligent kids.. I have to admit that the first school I sent her to, I was not very happy about so I did my homework and studies on a few other schools and finally picked one just perfect. Its small, with small classes and has advanced technology ( the teachers have Apple Mac laptops – impressive) I am still in the process of making friends – mostly Zia’s classmates’ moms… but am enjoying alone time… I do admit that my pet hate is “following the sun” – yes… I look for the Sun and move my clothing horse to the direction of the SUN….. Its funny but true… Rain is definitely in abundance here so…

We are celebrating!

Thanks Sharon. We are celebrating. Thank you very much for all you have done. I will recommend you to everyone I know. You and your staff are brilliant. Rouen

WOW!!!! That is half unbelievable

WOW!!!!  That is half unbelievable. All the stress and anxiety…..gone. Just like that. THANK YOU so much for all the assistance and support, EVERYONE that has been involved this far. This is our dream come true.

Wow Sharon, that’s great

Wow Sharon, that’s great, thanks for the news and all the effort. People often ask me why I didn’t do this all by myself, especially when my friend did and saved your fee. The thing is, as I’m sure most of your clients tell you, its the peace of mind and despite the fact that its a lot of money, we have recommended your services every time. I’m hoping that’s the best kinda thanks we could give. To trust you guys with so much important stuff is priceless. Carl and Maggie

I cant thank you and your team enough

OMG Sharon!!!!  I did no check my mail this weekend – now Monday morning and what a joy!  Thanks you so so so much for everything! I am over the moon. Sharon, I cant thank you and your team enough.  You have been an absolute rock for me and I really don’t think I could have done this without you.  Bless you all and let me know when you are coming to NZ – champagne is definitely on the cards! Lots of love Theresa

I am typing this with tears running down my face

Sharon. I have no words. We are so so so happy. Darryl is in a meeting and i just cant wait for him to get out so we can jump up and down and scream with joy!!!!! I am typing this with tears running down my face. We are so grateful to you for everything. It is a life changing event and we have only you to thank. I dont actually know what to do with myself now! so so so happy Thanks again Bronwyn

I have no reservations in promoting your Company as well as you personally.

Just to let you know: We will be leaving for New Zealand on Saturday The 15th  September and arriving on Sunday in Auckland. Again, thank you very much for the efficient and very humane way you treated my family and me throughout this exercise. I really think that without the ever present re-assurance and confidence you exuded, this would have been a very traumatic and extremely difficult undertaking. Suffice to say that, because of the very positive arrangements and efficiency, together with the understanding you and Sharon exuded, I have no reservations in promoting your Company as well as you personally.