Such good news, just awesome!!!

Hi Sanjeev Best email I received in my life. Can’t describe the feeling and emotion in our flat now. Can only say thank you a 1000 times. Sorry we missed your call. Ah its such good news, just awesome!!! :-) So grateful. Will then wait for your next email. Thanks again and kind regards, Seegers & Marlien

We can’t thank you enough

Good morning Sanjeev Hope you are well? I just wanted to let you know that our passports with residency labels are back in our possession. Thank you once again for everything you did for us. We can’t thank you enough for your exemplary service.  We are at peace now and feel so blessed to be able to call NZ home! All the best and take care Sanjeev! Regards Michelle

You’re a rock star!

OMG Sanj… You’re a rock star! What a brilliant end to a fun-filled Halloween. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. Assume we’ll be able to re-apply after a year again? Thanks again Sanj.  Such good news. Enjoy the rest of your day.  :) Debra      

Wow this is fantastic news

Hi Sharon Wow this is fantastic news. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us it is much appreciated.  This was a long and not so easy journey for us but you and your team has been great and very supportive throughout this journey. Yes we will be celebrating this wonderful news. Many thanks Ralston & Debbie

Thanks so much guys

Sanj, I’m going to do it again: Yeeeeehaaaaaah! I have an appointment with Nicky on Thursday next week so hopefully the timing works out that she can bring them to that meeting. Thanks so much guys. You have all been fantastic. Regards Bradley

Thanks for your advice

Hi there Thanks for your advice also thought about that and decided to wait till got residency then will look at other options next year wasn’t going to change now just wanted to find out the  pro.s and cons thank you so much for what you and your team have done for us so far there no words to express how much I appreciate what u guys have done and work to get us here Hope u have a wonderful weekend Regards Dave

Thanks to Sharon and the team

Dear Sandra I hope you are doing well. Carla is currently in the air and enroute to New Zealand. She flew out from Cape Town at 8pm on Thursday. Thanks to Sharon and the team for all the work done thus far in getting us to where we are. Both Carla and I appreciate it! Regards Brendon

I couldn’t be happier!

Hi Sharon I hope you are well. Just thought I would drop you an email to keep you in the loop. I couldn’t be happier! Work is great and the people are so warm and accommodating!!! I’m so happy we made this move!!! Thank you for your help! Regards Darryn

You’ve been great!

Thanks so much Sharon, I don’t know why I was worrying so! You’ve been great! Cheers Cindy