We are so grateful – thank you!

Hi there Yes, we pinch ourselves every day! I am following a FB site called “South Africans Living in NZ/ wanting to live in New Zealand” and the stories of rejection, new point system, employers not wanting to employ without work visa’s, restrictions etc., etc., etc. are quite daunting! I am SO glad we got in when we did … just in time I think!! Every day we are grateful for everything you and your team did to help us … and we are so grateful that we now get to call this country “home”. There is a blanket of snow on Mt Taranaki, the temperature on Monday morning was 1 degree …. Today it is way warmer at 6 degrees. Lol.. But with that said …. I am so glad we chose New Zealand … or rather, that New Zealand chose us! I will / can put up with…

We appreciate all your assistance!

Hi Sharon Thanks so much 😊 We appreciate all the assistance that you and your team have provided and continue to provide. Hope you all have a good & healthy winter and we’ll continue to pray for that rain to come to the Western Cape. Many thanks and kind regards Julie & Wayne

Thank you for the wonderful email!

Hi Sharon and awesome Team What a wonderful email to get on a yes very chilly night. I read it to Kelly when I saw it and I had to do it sentence by sentence. Without a joke I thought I was going to hyperventilate, I ended holding onto Kelly’s arm and just staring at my phone. It has been stressful and there has been many a tear shed both happy and sad, but it is almost over. Please send Ian my regards The ever expanding Gander Family

Over the Moon – Thank you!

Hi Sharon  Wow, I am overwhelmed!!! I’m honestly stunned… I’m over the moon. Thank you so much!!!  John-Henry    

Thank you for all the support.

Hi Sharon Yes indeed, we are so excited :) We cannot wait for the day to hear that his visa has been approved so that we can make all the final arrangements and tell everyone that our move is definite. John and I are extremely happy with the support we are receiving so far from all of you, thank you very much. Have a good evening. Kind regards Nina

Beyond Happy!

Morning Sharon! Thank you so so much for everything & the great news! I am beyond happy. Once again thank you for being on this journey with us all, could not have done it without you. Best Regards, Annita