You’ve been great!

Thanks so much Sharon, I don’t know why I was worrying so! You’ve been great! Cheers Cindy

Thank you so much

Hi Sanjeev I hope you are well.  Just to let you know, we received our passports on Friday! Thank-you so much for all the efforts you have put in and assistance you have given to us.  Words can’t express how grateful we are. We can now start settling completely (already found a new house) and look forward to our future in NZ. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future. We can’t believe how smooth the whole process was and that was purely because you and the team were so professional and approachable. We will definitely…


Hi Sharon, This is THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! You have made our day, week, month, year!!! I cannot express in words how grateful we are!  Your assistance has made this dream come true! Thanks a MILLION!!!  We will recommend you far and wide whenever possible! Monty is home, so I can send our passports like yesterday 🙂 If you can send me the letter, I will courier to them first thing in the morning! Again…thank you for all your hard work and assistance!!!   Have a FABULOUS day! Tanya  

Things are really going well for us in New Zealand

Hi Sharon Thank you very much for the reply. We look forward to having family in New Zealand, especially to help with the children some times. Things are really going well for us in New Zealand and by far the best move of our lives. Thank you again to you for your help in our immigration. Mariska

You and your team really came through for us

Hi Sharon Hope you and Ian are all well. Please also send our absolute best regards to Sandra and Nicole! We are here and happy. Gavin working, David in school, I have done some work with the Tasman makos and starting work properly this Monday. We just want to thank you for our great visa. We are totally delighted with our indefinite residency stamps! We have come to realise that this is not always the case for everyone! Thanks again, we cannot believe that we are here. You and your team really came through for us. Kind regards Nicole

Thank you very much

Hi Sharon, Our passports are back. Thank you very much for your assistance through this stressful process. All the best from the Petzer’s in New Zealand! Kind regards, Ruan

Thank you

Hi Nicole Hope all is well. I finally arrived in Wellington. I’ve taken a pic of the visa. Hope its fine like that. I would just like to take this time and thank you, Ian and Sharon for what you have done thus far for us. The paperwork was done perfectly. The customs had no problems what so ever. Just a couple of questions here and there. Nothing I could not sort out. Thanks for sending me to the Dolby’s. They’ve been a great help. If you have any further questions. Please ask. Enjoy your day God Bless A.R.J

Wow that’s great

Hi Sharon Wow that’s great, I’m happy to submit after the three months, that will be the 20th of October. Thanks for all your help we really appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to anyone we know that wants to immigrate. Best regards Dereck

Wonderful news

Hi Sharon Wonderful news, what a huge relief, yeah yeah and yeah again!!!!, thanks for all your support and professionalism during this process. I will give you a call tomorrow just to query one or two things  – we will certainly celebrate with some good NZ Red. Iain

Thank you soooooooo much

Hi Sharon It’s been almost 15 years since you help us with our paperworks and we still so thankful for your help. We still recommend you to a lot of people and often talk about how you sorted me and my family out in such a short time frame. Thank you again and again you really are an amassing person. Richard