John: Dunedin

 Everyone has settled in really well and we are very pleased to have ended up in Dunedin, it really is a beautiful place and a much better lifestyle than my experience in Auckland. These people have no idea what rush hour traffic is!  As you predicted Mason has not had his Ritalin at all since we have been here and I really don’t think he will be going back on it to be honest. He is doing very well at school and the teachers really seem to care about the kids

We will never forget you!

Hi Sharon, Ian & Sandra, We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding work you have done for us in seeing us through the process. This would not have been possible without your excellent service & encouragement. We will never forget you. Regards, L&B


Hi Ladies  Hope you are all well and happy. Attached are the copies of our residence visas which have been stamped in our passports! Hooray!!! We are very happy to be residents and thank you again for all your hard work! Thank you and have a great day!   Warmest Regards  Jessica


OMG Sharon!!!!  I did no check my mail this weekend – now Monday morning and what a joy!  Thanks you so so so much for everything! I am over the moon.  Jonathan just heard on Friday that he has been accepted at Auckland Uni and so everything is coming together so beautifully.  Now we can accept as a domestic.  Sharon, I cant thank you and your team enough.  You have been an absolute rock for me and I really don’t think I could have done this without you.  Bless you all and let me know when you are coming to NZ – champagne is definitely on the cards!  Lots of love Theresa

Earth Quake

Hi Thanks At least an earth quake won’t chase you down the street with a Panga or Knife. Kind Regards Jan

Incredible News!

Hi Sharon This is incredible news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are over the moon and we are so grateful for the support you and the ladies have provided and you all have made this a great process for us! We are sooooo happy and we are definitely celebrating tonight! My mom is also very happy and relieved. We are very proud to be new residents of New Zealand and we absolutely love it here and we have settled in nicely with good friends and a lovely home. We are feeling very blessed from all the support and great progress we have made since we arrived. once again thank you for all of your hard work and grey hairs! You ladies do amazing work and thank you for waking up early to work and to email us. I hope you are able to also relax and celebrate each visa with your team. You deserve…

Visas are here…

Visas are here – Thank The Lord. Talk about on 99 Sharon , I heard a thump on the door – courier man standing at the door , I caught a glimpse of him through the window , my heart pounding as I fidgeted with the key to unlock , signed and was so afraid to open the package for fear of Rejection!! Stared at the package and decided to be courageous , ripped the package and the flipped through the passports to see each one beautifully stamped – We have not been rejected , the entire Canadian Experience was terrible , the tears just flowed and my body trembling – Sharon , it’s all over , the wait has come to an end. Thank you to you and your team , I pray you understand and know the relief this brings – Gods Timing is Perfect. Now for the…

Thank you…

Anyway Nicky, although it is not over yet and we still have a way to go with PR, I just want to take this opportunity the sincerely thank you, Michelle and the team down in Cape Town for what you have done so far. You have all been extremely professional and courteous at all times as well as never showing any sort of frustration at the endless phone calls and mails we have sent to you!  Genuinely worth every cent and I would without doubt have no hesitation in recommending your service. Thanks again. Kind regards John

Happy with our move…

Hi Sharon, I hope you all are well. We received the documents for residence. I will be sending them tomorrow. We are GOOD, the girls went to the mall  by bus to watch a movie on their own today. They really loved the independence today. Bernard and myself are good. We had a very cold week with snow and everything, the kids couldn’t even go to school. But it only lasted for one day. We are still very happy with our move. Lize -Marie went for an audition at Vision College and were excepted to study music there next year. We hope the residency would be finished before then, then she don’t have to register as an international student. It will be much cheaper for us. Thank you for everything. Regards, Bernard and Paulina.

Wonderful news…

Hi Sharon, This is wonderful news. You also had a lot of hard work, we could not have done it without you. We also gave you a hard time from time to time, especially Helen who had a lot of questions. I have mentioned you to 2 people that I know was interested in moving to New Zealand. I hope they make a decision and contact you. We appreciate all your effort and would also like to see you when you visit New Zealand next time.  Kind Regards, John and Helen