Hi Sharon. Just to let you know. Passports and payment was send of by courier today to Joe along with the her original letter as requested. Thanks again for all you have done. You were truly fantastic to work with. Regards Rouen

Leigh and Karl

Praise God.  Thank you so much Sharon for this awesome news.  I have been on the phone to friends with our exciting news.  There were some very dark days, but today is a bright and happy day, thanks to our heavenly Father (praise goes to him) and to all your never ending hard work.  Please thank Ian, Nicky and the rest of your team for your consistent hard work and belief that their visa would come through.  I think I am still numb with excitement.    Hopefully you have many more successful applications and many more happy clients.  Continue with your dedication, when the news is as exciting as this, you will be greatly rewarded.    Have a wonderful day and a good nights sleep.  You certainly deserve it.  Thanks so much for everything.    Warmest regards Leigh, Karl and family,

Kirsty and Jon

Wow! Sharon we truly are in awe of all you have done for us! You have fought for us from beginning to the very end and never given up – even when I did.  You really have gone above and beyond for us and the results are very telling. Your letter outlaying your argument was just impeccable and really made the difference! Thank you for all your hard work and support. The same goes for you Nicky! Thanks for always being just a phone call away ready with whatever advice we needed. Bless you both! After all we have been through I believe the odds are finally in our favour which we need for residency :). Thanks again ladies you are amazing! Kirsty & Jon

Tears Rolling Down my Face

 Hi Sharon    As i am sitting here tears are rolling down my face. At least it is happy tears. Words can not begin to describe how greatfull I am. Thank you for everything so far. I know there were times that I wanted to give up but you kept me going. I am truly thankfull for everything…    I am shivering while typing this. I can not breath and cant think straight now. i will send you a better email later. You must have a fantastic day.   Thank you Ekeraam  

Dirk and Helen

  Hi Ian,  I have 3 possible jobs in the pipeline, just waiting on the agents to let me know. They said this week. It looks very good, it seems that we will be ending up either in Wellington or South Island. Don’t mind it at all, gives us a chance to see the rest of NZ and its a job. Getting a bit anxious to start working.    Never been so happy and thank you for all you assistance, advise and support.  Have a wonderful day.    Regards Dirk & Helen    

John: Dunedin

 Everyone has settled in really well and we are very pleased to have ended up in Dunedin, it really is a beautiful place and a much better lifestyle than my experience in Auckland. These people have no idea what rush hour traffic is!  As you predicted Mason has not had his Ritalin at all since we have been here and I really don’t think he will be going back on it to be honest. He is doing very well at school and the teachers really seem to care about the kids

We will never forget you!

Hi Sharon, Ian & Sandra, We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding work you have done for us in seeing us through the process. This would not have been possible without your excellent service & encouragement. We will never forget you. Regards, L&B


Hi Ladies  Hope you are all well and happy. Attached are the copies of our residence visas which have been stamped in our passports! Hooray!!! We are very happy to be residents and thank you again for all your hard work! Thank you and have a great day!   Warmest Regards  Jessica


OMG Sharon!!!!  I did no check my mail this weekend – now Monday morning and what a joy!  Thanks you so so so much for everything! I am over the moon.  Jonathan just heard on Friday that he has been accepted at Auckland Uni and so everything is coming together so beautifully.  Now we can accept as a domestic.  Sharon, I cant thank you and your team enough.  You have been an absolute rock for me and I really don’t think I could have done this without you.  Bless you all and let me know when you are coming to NZ – champagne is definitely on the cards!  Lots of love Theresa

Earth Quake

Hi Thanks At least an earth quake won’t chase you down the street with a Panga or Knife. Kind Regards Jan