Hello Sharon

How are you? Are you still so busy?

Just thought I would drop you a note and say hello. All is well with all of us. We both still working in the same jobs :)

Kids have settled well, especially my son who is now at the Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology – wow, has this been the most amazing experience for him. He is so much happier and so loving his course – a changed person. A great opportunity for him which we would never have had in South Africa. He stays in Christchurch during the week as a boarder and comes home over weekends – and he drives himself there and back. He is doing things that astound us all the time – wonderful that NZ supports special needs children – it is phenomenal.

We have met up with Lelani and Riaan (such a lovely woman – thanks for putting us in touch) – and we celebrating their residency at their home on Saturday night – having a braai (yes as only South Africans can do in this freeeeezing cold weather lol) – their residency certainly came through very quickly – wonderful news!

Weather has been really cold – James (my boss) says it is probably one of the colder winters he has experienced in a while. Nothing like -5degs – everything freezes. The water in the bird bath was still frozen solid when we went home for lunch yesterday. And we both go to the gym at 6am (and it is cold) – talk about dedication – if we go in winter – summer will be a breeze. I have lost weight (immigration would have loved that!!) – all good!

Admittedly Andre and I spend some lunches together and we gym together – definitely no where near the stress that we used have in South Africa – even Lynne said to me the other day that she has never seen me so relaxed.

How are your plans progressing for your move across? Are there still many South Africans coming across. I still can’t believe how many are here. We met up with a new guy the other day – just because he heard one of our other friends chatting in Afrikaans and they invited him to a braai and now we are friends – he has been here about 2 months – it is amazing!!

Would love to hear from you and how you are. Regards to Ian.