Hi Sharon

Just saw your earlier mail now. We’re doing fine in spite of the earthquakes which have become a way of life. We live in Burnside which is close to the airport on the northwest side of the city

On the bright side we went to Kaiteriteri (top of the South Island) for the long weekend and it was amazing. The beach had this lovely golden sand and the weather was warmer. We passed through Nelson on the way back and I could happily live in Nelson, one day.

Christchurch is a very convenient city, no real traffic and most places are just 10 minutes away. It’s just a city without a city after the earthquake. Work opportunities are plentiful though. Jacques found a better job at Didata and has been working there since Oct last yr. He is enjoying that. I am in a senior position at St Georges Hospital and am working with amazing people. It would just help on the home front if my mom was here because there’d be less rushing around for me. I am considering resigning and finding a job with school hours so that I can actually have me-time.

Overall, no regrets about moving here. I do miss my friends and special places in Cape Town but I like the fact that I can relax here and not worry about criminals. I like the fact that my kids are not growing up with violence being normal. They are becoming ‘kiwinised’ and are making friends. I like the lack of fear that I have. You could say that the earthquakes cause other stresses and they do but somehow it’s still better here. Maybe it’s because the house we bought is in the bubble on the other side of the suburbs most damaged by quakes. We have not had issues like liquefaction or sewerage problems. So everyday life has not been inconvenienced much.

Anyway I can go on and on but have got to go.

Take care