Dear Sharon

Thanks for the explanation- it does make sense. Oh no, we would never move
back to SA!! We will just visit- once every 2nd year!

Now we can join Kiwi Saver and hopefully apply for child care assistance –
they specifically say you must be either a NZ citizen or have PR- I will
get just over one dollar per child per hour discount for pre-school if
that’s granted and they each attend 50 hours per week- so it will save us
lots of money!

The kids are doing great in pre-school and they love speaking english! And
Maori! This is a neat country- the kiwis take so much for granted!

My cousin from Auckland is coming to visit us this weekend and we are
taking them to ski at Mt Hutt, just 65km from our house! Kids excited to
see their cousins.

Your previous clients, Michelle and AndreĀ as well as Teresa and Charles and two other SA couples
are coming to us for a braai Saturday night.

We had a very nice party on the farm, in the shed this weekend- Steve and
Jo’s son- Daniel- had a party and all the locals came. We had a great time
and we enjoy socializing with the kiwis!

Enjoy your day. I am going to bed now – two worlds!

Speak again soon.

Kind regards,