Hi Sharon, Nicky, Michelle, Ian and Ashley

We are so sorry that we took so long to reply to this unbelievable news. Our modem broke and it took a while to replace it – the replacement was also not working. 
We are absolutely astounded at how quickly this residence approval came through. It was the best birthday gift, as you gave me the news on my birthday. My boss told me a week prior to this that someone from INZ had contacted him via email but he decided to rather reply by telephone as he wanted to verify their position. So he phoned Catherine.
We will definitely get all our passports and the fee in to them this week.
Just a few days prior to receiving this news, our container arrived. We are still trying to unpack. And last weekend we were unable to finish unpacking as we went to Rotorua for a weekend away with Tim’s company. It was their Christmas celebration. Tim and I have just completed our first three months, and both are very happy with us, giving us increases as well. We are both happy at our companies’. It has been stressful and extremely busy, but we are overjoyed at how it has all turned out.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help and support throughout this entire process. It was definitely the best decision we made, not only in moving to New Zealand, but also in choosing you to provide your expert skills, knowledge and support to get us here. We could not have done it without you. You are a great team. 
We hope to see you soon, in New Zealand of course. We all wish you a fabulous Christmas, and a really good 2013
Best Regards
Debbie, Tim, Matthew, Bradley, Daniel and Joshua