Hi Sharon
Just a little news from NZ. I have found a house very close to my new work, 1.1 km. So guess who will be walking to work when that work visa comes through. I have speaking to Steven and Cari two of you clients just to keep them motivated, looks and sounds like a very nice couple.

I had a great day shopping for some stuff for the house yesterday. Spent done time at Warehouse and managed to get all I needed on specials. Once I had paid for all of the goods a man came up to me and said “wow you have bought a load of stuff, here have my discount I’m a trader and sell to warehouse”. He wished me a merry Christmas and off he went. Once the discount was worked out I got a further 8% off. I must say a wonderful blessing indeed.
Well I just thought I would share that with you, I can’t wait to start the new job.

Thankful and blessed and almost NZ.