Hi Sharon

Trust you well
Thought I will give you an update
I am starting my semester 20 July..have started a  small homestay business and its progressing (if you needing any accommodation give me a ring )already working with Korea and China where Nicole has visited last year..and now getting ready for the states @13 yrs..unbelievable..hey?
My son is excited to start university and has already been invited by one of the top universities to attend a camp..introducing mechatronics engineering and offered a scholarship…alot of hard work ahead but his ready.
Started driving and will be obtaining his restricted licence soon.
Darryl is loving it here too..and his progressing well in his company..his already been offered the company vehicle and see a great future there and will be studying to obtain his degree in wood trade..we have worked hard..but its paying off bit by bit..healthcare is great. .attend diabetic programme;and its marvellous service..a service I would have paid a months salary at a private hospital.
Taxes are steep but the returns are fantastic.
My children says I quote ‘ we dont want to go back to SA’
For the money we spent it was all worth it..starting over again.
We trust that we can later work towards owning our own home
We are now planning to really explore New Zealand now that residence is behind us and all important immigration requirements has been met.
Thank you Sharon for a job well done!!
Hugs Alicia;Darryl;Chad and Nicole