HI Sanjeev

We are running here, so while I would like to send you a  long letter of thanks…I am just unable to at the moment due to pressures at work and what with the container loading.

My mom and dad summed it up really well….without you I do not think we would be where we are now. There is no doubt that you have played a pivotal role in changing our lives forever and for that we are eternally grateful and not able to truly express just how thankful we are at what you have done for us.I hope that this will not be the last time we speak. If you are ever in New Zealand again, please get in touch with us.

I have already given two sets of friends and family your details so you may hear from them sometime in the not too distant future.

Wishing you and your family a safe and blessed Festive Season

Warm Regards

Kelli, Anthony & Callum