Hi Sharon

Thanks for your email.

It sounds really cold in SA!  It is cold here, but not as cold as by you. We have had lots of rain! I agree with you, rain is welcome, but the township animals suffer.

We wear layers when we go out,  and at home make a fire every day in the fireplace. So lovely.

We are loving NZ,  and my job is varied and that is what I wanted.

I also joined the Tauranga RDA – horse riding for the disabled and volunteer there one day a week now. It is really good for my soul to work with the children and the horses. I am learning to fetch horses from the paddocks, grooming, leading etc and then assisting the children during their rides. That is why I love New Zealand – they are so community conscious, it is amazing.

Regarding residency – Thank you so much, I will wait for an update from you. I believe it will be a quick process, and am at peace.

My heart is so sad for SA and the people.. and we pray for all of you, our friends and family for protection.

Take care