Hi Sharon

All is good this side :-)

With the job it took a while to get settled- new type of work, new systems, new taxes, new environment – at first it was a bit overwhelming but it is going much better as I’m getting more and more settled.

Other than that Clive and I are LOVING NZ!!

We love everything about NZ and we feel truly blessed to be able to be here.

We can’t wait to raise our future children here – everything is child friendly and there’s so much for them to do!

And most important – it’s sooooooo safe!

Clive is also very excited about work – he has had a few interviews with great companies.

There are great job opportunities in his field of work – looks like he’s going to be doing better than me!

He can’t wait to get started!

Last step – residency – we are ready to rock and roll!