Dear Sharon and Ian .

We have meant to send this email a while ago but its been really busy here in NZ trying to settle in and get our new life underway with the rainy winter, wind and wooden houses

Our immigration experience with yourselves has been a total pleasure!

The experience as I’m sure you know is daunting and filled with emotion and stress.

Fortunately we chose New Zealand Migration Services and have never looked back.

Nicky is super efficient and ensured we were totally prepared and coached us through everything and her professionalism has been a lifesaver. , Ushma has been such a pleasure to deal with and was so helpful as well, so we are very impressed by the calibre of your staff.

An then of course there is Sanjeev who was literally born with an INZ qualification!

This is not to overshadow the amazing work your ladies in Johannesburg did for us (they prepared us so well and treated us like family – we will miss them ), but the last leg of this journey has been really difficult and Sanjeev just aces it time after time.

Sanjeev has been incredibly refreshing to work with and ensured we received top notch service and attention, all this whilst preparing a wedding and rushing off to get married and then off again on annual leave.

His efficiency is unprecedented and we can only but compliment his  work ethos and professionalism.

We believe in people like Sanjeev because he is so passionate and committed, he gave us his word that he would keep a close eye on things and ensure a smooth transition , and he kept it, we are truly grateful for what he achieved for us.

Our journey is not over yet, although we are now in NZ and working .

We still need residency but that is basically underway now and we know that if its possible to obtain residency then with Sanjeev running the show for us , its as good as done!

You are very fortunate to have such a winning team of amazing people on board and we will endeavour to refer people we know who seek the life we seek.

We are truly grateful !

Sincerely ,

Brad, Melinda, Jada and Kala