Hi there

Yes, we pinch ourselves every day! I am following a FB site called “South Africans Living in NZ/ wanting to live in New Zealand” and the stories of rejection, new point system, employers not wanting to employ without work visa’s, restrictions etc., etc., etc. are quite daunting! I am SO glad we got in when we did … just in time I think!! Every day we are grateful for everything you and your team did to help us … and we are so grateful that we now get to call this country “home”.

There is a blanket of snow on Mt Taranaki, the temperature on Monday morning was 1 degree …. Today it is way warmer at 6 degrees. Lol..

But with that said …. I am so glad we chose New Zealand … or rather, that New Zealand chose us! I will / can put up with the weather as life has never been this good for us (except for the missing our kids part). I have to say that in less than two years, we have more materially than we did in SA. Not that I am a materialistic person, but the other day as I looked around and took stock of how far we had come …. I was amazed at our progress … in such a small space of time. We are so grateful … so again, thank you!

Keep well and stay safe. I will continue to pray for rains down in Africa.