When I read your email, I felt sick to my stomach.

I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and see how the closures of the NZ immigration offices in SA has affected you and how you guys are doing in general, after this hard year.  And then you sent me this!

This must be such an enormous blow to you after so many years of outstanding achievements and dedication. Devastating – as you say.

I am glad that you are determined to pick yourself up, dust off and carry on head with your held high.We found working with you and your team a total delight.

You were unfalteringly reliable, communicative, clear in what needed to be done and when, trustworthy and always supportive. You made, what was the biggest event of our lives, manageable and smooth.

I hope the transition of your business goes smoothly and that this time next year, you and Ian are somewhere beautiful and peaceful and have a new lease on life. You have both worked so hard for other people’s lives, maybe it’s time you focus on yours.

Build the life you want for the next chapter. Let me know how we can help.