Yes, I agree. Sharon came highly recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly. 

From first contact, Sharon’s service was impeccable, her advise on point. She walked me through all of the steps, and prepared me for the reality that was soon to be immigration. 

Sharon was instrumental in our assimilation into Kiwi culture. From beginning to end, her service gave my Family and I a soft landing. All of her recommended contacts to assist with my Forex, Shipping containers, insurance etc…all of them offered a fair trade and excellent service.  And that was in both South Africa and New Zealand, yes that’s right, Sharon had connected us to excellent Kiwi companies who took care of my families needs upon arrival.

Now 6 years later, Myself, my spouse and our 2 kids are applying for citizenship. 

We have thrived in New Zealand, and as a result have contributed significantly to our little town, not only financially but also with our “now abundant” Time! 

Sharon is an ambassador to New Zealand and is well versed in your Kiwi Culture. 

Look after OUR assets and advocates New Zealand!