I am absolutely shocked and appalled at how you have been treated by the IAA and that you have suffered such loss with no further explanation.  The injustice you have incurred is truly disgusting and I felt so emotional reading your whole ordeal and what you have been through that it brought tears to my eyes!!

I know what an incredibly rough year this has been for you already with the loss of your dear dad, Ian’s surgeries and issues and all this crazy covid stuff you have had to adapt to in terms of immigration services to your clients and now this!  It really is truly awful and you so don’t deserve any

of it.   I find it bitterly ironic that the very place you have spent almost

3 decades promoting, praising and sending eager and hopeful South Africans who have then sewed into the NZ economy,  is now the very place that has treated you with such utter disrespect and complete disregard for your professional services.  It has really saddened me.  I am so very sorry that you had to go through this.

Thank you for taking the time to write such heartfelt, but transparent words of reassurement to your clients.  I have no doubt that despite this massive change and loss, your company you have built up will remain one of integrity and service and that we remain in good and capable hands and that our journey’s will be successful…it just makes me sad you can’t do what you are so good at doing. :-( Sharon, although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, I have gotten to know you from the service you provide through our many comms.  From our dealings over the past 2 years or so, when you came so highly recommended from our friends, one thing I can say for sure is that you have always been so clear, explaining all immigration processes thoroughly.  You have always been cautious with your wording and advice given,(whilst dealing with so many different families

concurrently) exactly for the reason that this kind of thing you have just endured should never happen.  I have always noted how no confirmations or advice ever came from any of your admin staff, only you, the licensed immigration adviser.  Everything was always checked.  You crossed every t and dotted every i, you always took the time to clarify things, that documentation was/is in order and ensure that we understood each process and leg of this journey thoroughly.  With all these changes and inconsistencies from INZ during this Covid crisis, and the demands of clients who have been separated from their families, I can’t even imagine the stress you have been under.  Then still dealing with clients like us who sit in limbo, looking to you for hope and info and movement when there was so little to offer, it must have been one incredibly draining and hard year for you, yet I honour you for enduring it, always being courteous and keeping it personal, always taking the time to ensure we understand what is currently happening.  In such an unsettled and insecure, unknown time for us, this has kept me feeling secure.  That we are in good hands with you and your team. Thank you! I wish we, your clients could vouch for you in this regard!!

Although retirement seems to be coming earlier for you and Ian, and there is now an accelerated merger on the horizon, I am of the belief that God is in the timing and sometimes the delay or acceleration of things we experience works out to yield things that, in the bigger picture end up being far greater for our good and wellbeing than we could have ever imagined.  Not easy whilst you going through these trying and confusing times, but hopefully understanding this timing can provide you with a peace and surety that all will be ok.  And that despite this awful, unjust knock down, you will not be overcome by it and you will get through to the other side.

Sharon, again I’m so sorry that you cannot do what you love doing in the capacity you have always done it. But I have no doubt that you will be blessed in this new and exciting season ahead where you and Ian get to really live and breathe again, and take time for yourselves  after many years of hard work and dedicated service to your clients to enjoy this precious life!

I would like to pop in later as I have flowers for you Sharon, just because everyone needs kindness and to know people care!!