My dear Sharon 

I’ve been processing this mail and trying to find the words. Unusual for me as they normally, just flow. 

I can imagine how devastated and betrayed you must feel. The lifelong work ending on this note! Just know though, that the conclusion by the authorities is no reflection of your work in the last 28 years and how you will move forward. In moments like these, in extreme judgment, it’s best to stop, standstill and acknowledge what you have done. If you don’t, you’re simply agreeing with them. 

It is also incredibly courageous not to Appeal, and not to prove your correctness. In itself that is a stand and not a re capitulation. 

I really wish that this had not happened, and yet, it does happen so often to those in charge, making progress and doing good work. It’s a negative inheritance so to speak. 

I trust (as always), your decision on the way forward and I still look forward to, in the future, seeing your mails, with information and conversation. 

Take good care Sharon and just know many many respect and are grateful to you for the work you have done and will do. 

Sending much love