I have already returned an answer of yes, but after reading this mail a few times I am lost in how you have been stripped of your licence. it just does not make any sense, and can only be shoddy work on the part of whoever assessed your business. My immigration was not easy with all the problems we had to face regarding my wife deciding to stay behind, the boys coming at different times and all the assessments Sascha had to go through.

You stood right behind us all the way, the contract was just terms and conditions to you, you went far and beyond what was expected and kept me motivated as one does with a friend who needs encouragement. To our little family you are and will always remain an example of unexpected and undeserved kindness. As a father to the two young men I get to call my sons, you are the one that made sure they would have a life worth living and freedom from fear and real threats.

 If you need me to stand up in a courtroom or just stand next to you, it would be my pleasure and honor to do so. Please let me know what you need from us.

With all our Love and gratitude