Wanted to show our support for your situation and the unfortunate circumstances you find yourself in.

Also would like to thank Yourself ,Ian, Sanjeev and NZ Immigration for the support and leadership that you have shown and demonstrated at all times during and busy with my family’s immigration to NZ.

As well pointed out in your letter that immigrating to NZ has and must be the most difficult process myself, Alida and family has done in our lives. But with good leadership, advise and motivation from you and Sanjeev it has made this a more bearable experience. I take solace in that you will know in your heart that what you have done is correct and that we can a testify to this.

 I will always hold high the level of service received from NZ Immigration and honest approach to these steps we have taken to immigrate to New Zealand always believing to be a asset to our new home/country. Because of our high level of skills and solemn belief that this was the right move for us, to not only improve our level of safety and security but also be a genuine attribute to the country in which I believe we have demonstrated very well.

I further wish you and Ian a blessed retirement (Happens to all of us) and can finish holding you’re heads high knowing that what you did was done correct and with enthusiasm. Now go and enjoy those later years with pride and get a well deserved rest.