“ We are very sorry to hear about this outcome for you and feel that justice should be in the order of the day. 

It is a huge yes from us, because if it wasn’t for you and your high professional work ethic, your wealth if knowledge as well as your patience, plus the personal emotional touch you put into your business and services, my family and I wouldn’t have been where we are today. 

We were “rejected” by another firm that is quite reputable in the industry as they didn’t want to put in the effort or deal with our case as every case is different and it seemed that they would only deal with easy cases without having to look at the case on a personal level and rather have high profile cases that just flows through without any issues.

We then discovered Sharon and her firm, she was more than willing to turn our dream into a reality and with the amount of effort and feeling she has put into it, she has the confidence to see it through all the way. She always has words of encouragement for us, puts false information to bed very quickly as there is so much hearsay and false information floating around amongst various immigrants in New Zealand and she has the ability to easily put the information straight due to her finger always being on the pulse of what is right and wrong and what is correct on a case to case basis. 

We are eternally grateful for all she and her team has done for us and feel that it would be a big loss to the immigration community if she couldn’t continue with what she was destined to do. 

We wish her all the best of luck.