I have known Sharon for many years, her compassion for her clients and her level of professionalism is beyond reproach and this is what makes this news even more devastating and unjust.

Until you go through the migration journey you don’t quite comprehend just how difficult and stressful the process is, leaving your friends and family behind and venturing into the unknown is probably the hardest thing we have done and will ever face as a family. Sharon walked this path with us and understood our anxiety- even if it was irrational at times-  she reassured and encouraged us in our darkest hours, there are no words to describe how much that means to us. She went above and beyond to obtain our residence in a time that processing times were growing and our visas were about to expire.

I can confirm that she always adhered to the code of conduct and managed to simplify the process for us with ease and a sense of humour, there were days she turned my tears into much needed laughter. Making this move has given us and our daughter a safe, secure life we never would of dreamt of having! We often say to each other we are ‘living the dream’ and we truly are thanks to Sharon, Ian and their team.

We will do anything to support Sharon and we pray that this situation can be resolved! I feel like this has been a character assassination by the very country that she loves so dearly and who’s economy has benefited incredibly from all the skilled migrants she has assisted in her long career.