Yes, I agree. 

Sharon and Ian Yerman were our Immigration agents we used to immigrate to NZ. Our Process started in 2011 and we were very committed to seeking a new life in New Zealand. We visited NZ in 2009 and fell in love with this beautiful country. We were introduced to Sharon and Ian through a mutual friend , and really enjoyed their passion, love and commitment to assisting people through their immigration process to this beautiful country (GODS OWN) called New Zealand.

Immigration from one country to another is extremely stressful, daunting and fearful for the unknown. This is a lengthy process which requires  patience , understanding , resilience and to be emotionally in control.

Our application was contentious by requiring additional information to support our application , which required additional support , guidance and exceptional communication. 

Both Sharon and Ian Yerman are true and thorough professionals who guided , supported , assured, re-assured us along our journey, and always kept our faith and hopefulness alive and well. Throughout the process of Immigration we were always guided to be honest and upstanding applicants , who have transferable skills to add value to the NZ economy. Ian and Sharon were our guardians throughout this process , and took us through this process with love, diligence and care, which obliged us to recommend other potential immigrants to Ian and Sharon.

I am sincerely saddened to hear that due to some technicality , Sharon is unable to retain her  operating licence having 28years experience in the immigration process. Sharon has mentored so many wonderful people in her life, and has changed many families lives through the immigration process. I told her and Ian that they are in a LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS which we all respect , appreciate and value living in New Zealand. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity that Ian and Sharon have presented us with , which has enabled us to all become like a true Kiwi Family. Please consider returning Sharon’s operating licence to her , to allow her to do what she does best, changing people’s lives forever.

A saying Sharon will always appreciate (Life isnt about waiting for the Storm to pass, Its about learning to dance in the Rain.)