Neil and I are truly devastated to hear the news that Sharon’s licence has been revoked.


Sharon and your team have shown nothing but integrity and the very highest level of professionalism throughout the more than ten years that we have known you. During our 2013 application to migrate, the support and direct approach from Sharon was exemplary and we subsequently told family members and friends to use the services of New Zealand Migration Services. Several did and the service received was flawless.


We withdrew that initial application just a week before our date of departure and Sharon could not have been kinder or more supportive during the difficulty of that decision. 


In 2019, when we were granted the privilege of a second opportunity to migrate to New Zealand, Sharon was the first person we contacted and the unstinting support and guidance given was superlative; we will forever be grateful for Sharon’s incredible professionalism and dedication to following every step of the process, to complying with every regulation and ensuring that our process was so fully compliant that Immigration New Zealand granted us first visas then Residence, with Sharon guiding the process throughout. 

We feel that Sharon’s passion for both New Zealand and the INZ process is what fed our passion to migrate to this wonderful country and it is heartbreaking that Sharon cannot continue being an ambassador for New Zealand. 

You and your team are very special people. You don’t allow anybody to cut corners or take an easy route but that means that you constantly get it right and, for that, we will forever be grateful. 

We wish you both only the very best and hope to hear that you are able to continue fulfilling dreams and creating opportunities. The synergy you create between skilled foreigners and New Zealand economic development is inspiring.