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has come pouring in

The song “Lean on Me” epitomises the way Sharon has treated her clients for the last 28 years. She understands the emotional roller-coaster ride migrants endure, until the residence visa process is complete and that often long-awaited letter of confirmation arrives.  This is then just cause for celebration and ensures their long-term future is secure.

…when we Needed it Most

 She has always been a person her clients have been able to lean on, when the insecurity of doubt sets in. No matter how often she reassures clients that their pathway to residence is true and correct, in the dark hours of the early morn, doubt inevitably creeps in.  Failure is not an option.

In every grocery queue in New Zealand, there is somebody who believes they are far more informed than Sharon with regards to immigration matters.  Standing in these queues, conversing with those in front or behind, often plants seeds of doubt in the client’s minds.

This understandably results in endless emails of concern.  Clients require the warmth of reassurance and once they again have this, they are comforted about their way forward

This is a daily grind that an adviser endures, with passion, commitment and understanding.  These are people that place their trust and therefore their entire future in Sharon’s hands.  It is a truly life changing process.

For all of her clients, Sharon has been that shoulder to lean on for the past 28 years. All she is asking in return,  is for an honest shoulder for her to lean on.


This is such devastating news! I wish to show solidarity and support for the service I received from you, and I am agreement that YOU have adhered to the The Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct. My reply is YES!


YES - for sure ! Sharon was amazing during our process off relocating to New Zealand and  took a personal sincere interest in our case. Thank you so much Sharon, we are thinking of you.


During our time, Sharon and New Zealand Immigration Services staff delivered on their undertaking. They delivered a professional, ethical and efficient service to our family. It has always been a pleasure to work with Sharon and the team.  

Russell and Kim

Apologies for our delayed response. A huge YES from us. We hope all goes well for you.


We absolutely agree that Sharon does operate with the highest level of integrity and is such a professional. We worked with Sharon over 5 years ago to get our family to New Zealand. Thanks to Sharon, we had our residency in less than 2 months after arriving and it was seamless and efficient service. Its been 5 years and I am still talking about Sharon and confidently referring friends and family to her for advice and assistance. Thank you so much , we are eternally grateful for you, Sharon .


Yes. A million times yes, Sharon has delivered above our expectations and has made our immigration an amazing success. She has been nothing but professional and has never let us down in any way. Her support during our immigration process was amazing. 

Vaughan and Neil

  Neil and I are truly devastated to hear the news that Sharon’s licence has been revoked.   Sharon and your team have shown nothing but integrity and the very highest level of professionalism throughout the more than ten years that we have known you. During our 2013 application to migrate, the support and direct approach from Sharon was exemplary and we subsequently told family members and friends to use the services of New Zealand Migration Services. Several did and the service received was flawless.   We withdrew that initial application just a week before our date of departure and Sharon could not have been kinder or more supportive during the difficulty of that decision.    In 2019, when we were granted the privilege of a second opportunity to migrate to New Zealand, Sharon was the first person we contacted and the unstinting support and guidance given was superlative; we will forever be grateful for Sharon’s incredible professionalism and dedication to following every step of the process, to complying with every regulation and ensuring that our process was so fully compliant that Immigration New Zealand granted us first visas then Residence, with Sharon guiding the process throughout.  We feel that Sharon’s passion for both New Zealand and the INZ process is what fed our passion to migrate to this wonderful country and it is heartbreaking that Sharon cannot continue being an ambassador for New Zealand.  You and your team are very special people. You don’t allow anybody to cut corners or take an easy route but that means that you constantly get it right and, for that, we will forever be grateful.  We wish you both only the very best and hope to hear that you are able to continue fulfilling dreams and creating opportunities. The synergy you create between skilled foreigners and New Zealand economic development is inspiring.


YES!! - you delivered indeed


Sharon was amazing - gave us all the correct information, never deviated from facts and was always very helpful and professional! We would not be where we are if it was not for her knowledge and excellent service!  

Gary and Jane

Yes, you & Sharon of New Zealand Migration Services delivered very well on your commitments towards us regarding our immigration to New Zealand. All services were delivered with efficiency and we felt well taken care of. Thanks to the Yermans we are now Permanent Residents of New Zealand.  


Sorry to hear of this news and must admit it came as quite a shock. We were extremely satisfied with the service and professionalism we received from Sharon, Ian and the company as a whole and would highly recommend NZ Migration Services to anyone requiring similar services. Our whole process of moving to New Zealand was made so much less stressful knowing that Sharon and team had everything under control and had so much experience. We are happy to act as a reference if required.


YES Sharon and Ian have always been professional and accommodating towards our application a few years back. I would highly recommend her for any immigration services or advice. Without her we wouldn't have been here where we are today.


Yes! Sharon has been a rock for my family and I through a very stressful journey until we could finally become NZ residents. I would recommend her services 100 times over to friends and family.


Yes Sharon has been an outstanding immigration officer to me and my family and I will highly recommend her to any friend or family member who wants to go through the immigration process. 


Yes, I agree. Sharon was instrumental in making my families move to New Zealand as stress free as such a big life event could possibly be. I truly do not think I could have done it without her! What has happened is both heartbreaking and unbelievable as the industry will lose a true professional with many years of experience.


Yes , Absolutely YES 


Sharon has more than delivered, she helped us through the times when it felt like this process will never end. Always reassuring us to just trust her and her team. And they did deliver!




Yes!   Yes, for a number of reasons but most of all that she delivered on the undertaking and realised our dreams. Soon we will be eligible for our citizenship. All thanks to Sharon. With sincere appreciation,


I have known Sharon for many years, her compassion for her clients and her level of professionalism is beyond reproach and this is what makes this news even more devastating and unjust. Until you go through the migration journey you don’t quite comprehend just how difficult and stressful the process is, leaving your friends and family behind and venturing into the unknown is probably the hardest thing we have done and will ever face as a family. Sharon walked this path with us and understood our anxiety- even if it was irrational at times-  she reassured and encouraged us in our darkest hours, there are no words to describe how much that means to us. She went above and beyond to obtain our residence in a time that processing times were growing and our visas were about to expire. I can confirm that she always adhered to the code of conduct and managed to simplify the process for us with ease and a sense of humour, there were days she turned my tears into much needed laughter. Making this move has given us and our daughter a safe, secure life we never would of dreamt of having! We often say to each other we are ‘living the dream’ and we truly are thanks to Sharon, Ian and their team. We will do anything to support Sharon and we pray that this situation can be resolved! I feel like this has been a character assassination by the very country that she loves so dearly and who’s economy has benefited incredibly from all the skilled migrants she has assisted in her long career.      


Yes, I agree.  Sharon and Ian Yerman were our Immigration agents we used to immigrate to NZ. Our Process started in 2011 and we were very committed to seeking a new life in New Zealand. We visited NZ in 2009 and fell in love with this beautiful country. We were introduced to Sharon and Ian through a mutual friend , and really enjoyed their passion, love and commitment to assisting people through their immigration process to this beautiful country (GODS OWN) called New Zealand. Immigration from one country to another is extremely stressful, daunting and fearful for the unknown. This is a lengthy process which requires  patience , understanding , resilience and to be emotionally in control. Our application was contentious by requiring additional information to support our application , which required additional support , guidance and exceptional communication.  Both Sharon and Ian Yerman are true and thorough professionals who guided , supported , assured, re-assured us along our journey, and always kept our faith and hopefulness alive and well. Throughout the process of Immigration we were always guided to be honest and upstanding applicants , who have transferable skills to add value to the NZ economy. Ian and Sharon were our guardians throughout this process , and took us through this process with love, diligence and care, which obliged us to recommend other potential immigrants to Ian and Sharon. I am sincerely saddened to hear that due to some technicality , Sharon is unable to retain her  operating licence having 28years experience in the immigration process. Sharon has mentored so many wonderful people in her life, and has changed many families lives through the immigration process. I told her and Ian that they are in a LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS which we all respect , appreciate and value living in New Zealand. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity that Ian and Sharon have presented us with , which has enabled us to all become like a true Kiwi Family....


Yes!!! Sharon has provided my Wife and myself with outstanding support and an invaluable service. Her persistence, dedication, and patience were most appreciated during the stressful transitions of immigration. Please let us know whether there is anything more we can do to support you and your team during this troublesome time.


I am upset to hear of this unfair and unjust decision over your licence. YES! Sharon provided excellent service to my Husband and I during the very difficult transition of migrating. Her service was swift, effective and warm. I can not imagine receiving better help than what she provided to us. Thank you Sharon and all the best, you are in our thoughts.  


YES YES YES YES YES! YOU ALWAYS ADHERED TO THE LICENSED IMMIGRATION ADVISORS CODE OF CONDUCT.   Again for the record and as I mentioned in my previous email, you have always gone above and beyond to make sure we as your clients understand the rules fully which pertain to each of our immigration journeys.  It was the very reason we selected you and your company to assist us with immigrating! I have been thinking about you so much.  I hope you are doing a little better.


“ We are very sorry to hear about this outcome for you and feel that justice should be in the order of the day.  It is a huge yes from us, because if it wasn’t for you and your high professional work ethic, your wealth if knowledge as well as your patience, plus the personal emotional touch you put into your business and services, my family and I wouldn’t have been where we are today.  We were “rejected” by another firm that is quite reputable in the industry as they didn’t want to put in the effort or deal with our case as every case is different and it seemed that they would only deal with easy cases without having to look at the case on a personal level and rather have high profile cases that just flows through without any issues. We then discovered Sharon and her firm, she was more than willing to turn our dream into a reality and with the amount of effort and feeling she has put into it, she has the confidence to see it through all the way. She always has words of encouragement for us, puts false information to bed very quickly as there is so much hearsay and false information floating around amongst various immigrants in New Zealand and she has the ability to easily put the information straight due to her finger always being on the pulse of what is right and wrong and what is correct on a case to case basis.  We are eternally grateful for all she and her team has done for us and feel that it would be a big loss to the immigration community if she couldn’t continue with what she was destined to do.  We wish her all the best of luck.


Wanted to show our support for your situation and the unfortunate circumstances you find yourself in. Also would like to thank Yourself ,Ian, Sanjeev and NZ Immigration for the support and leadership that you have shown and demonstrated at all times during and busy with my family’s immigration to NZ. As well pointed out in your letter that immigrating to NZ has and must be the most difficult process myself, Alida and family has done in our lives. But with good leadership, advise and motivation from you and Sanjeev it has made this a more bearable experience. I take solace in that you will know in your heart that what you have done is correct and that we can a testify to this.  I will always hold high the level of service received from NZ Immigration and honest approach to these steps we have taken to immigrate to New Zealand always believing to be a asset to our new home/country. Because of our high level of skills and solemn belief that this was the right move for us, to not only improve our level of safety and security but also be a genuine attribute to the country in which I believe we have demonstrated very well. I further wish you and Ian a blessed retirement (Happens to all of us) and can finish holding you’re heads high knowing that what you did was done correct and with enthusiasm. Now go and enjoy those later years with pride and get a well deserved rest.    

Danny and Annie

Very Welcome Ian & Sharon Me and Annie are thinking of you guys through this difficult time, it is not fair and we hope that justice will prevail. I'm sure we speak for 1000's of people when we say, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for changing the course of our lives forever! we are grateful for what you and your Team have done for us. You are Heroes and Angels in our eyes. Have a blessed Easter break.  


Well done Sharon and Ian, it was wonderful to read all your clients comments that you are obviously so deserving of. Remember, success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal - it’s the courage to carry on that counts …………


Yes I am very pleased with the service. I would recommend you guys as number one.

Rob and Rene

We certainly are surprised with what has happened and you have our full support in getting it sorted out.  So it's a HUGE YES, from both of us! In 2014 and again in 2016, our family experienced excellent service from you and your staff, that we recommended a number of people to your company to assist with their immigration process.   Your professional and supportive manner during the whole process - from the documentation, ongoing emails and phone conversations - were all exemplary.   As we all know, emigrating can be very stressful and during the process your staff pointed out every detail in your documentation to us.  Rob is an Economist and a Senior Project Manager and a Change Manager, so he questions everything and he likes detail - and your attention to detail was very important to him.  The guidance and good counsel from your staff  (which took 14 months) was always very professional and thorough.  Today we still count our blessings for all the assistance we received in making our immigration process a very positive experience.  Rob is about to start studying his 3rd degree (MBA) and your assistance in getting us to this beautiful country is greatly appreciated.  We wish you all the best in your endeavours of getting this matter sorted with New Zealand immigration.   If there is anything further we can assist with, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


Yes, yes, yes 


Yes I agree that you have adhered to the below: The Licensed Immigration Advisers Code of Conduct


YES You were absolutely brilliant for us!  


I have already returned an answer of yes, but after reading this mail a few times I am lost in how you have been stripped of your licence. it just does not make any sense, and can only be shoddy work on the part of whoever assessed your business. My immigration was not easy with all the problems we had to face regarding my wife deciding to stay behind, the boys coming at different times and all the assessments Sascha had to go through. You stood right behind us all the way, the contract was just terms and conditions to you, you went far and beyond what was expected and kept me motivated as one does with a friend who needs encouragement. To our little family you are and will always remain an example of unexpected and undeserved kindness. As a father to the two young men I get to call my sons, you are the one that made sure they would have a life worth living and freedom from fear and real threats.  If you need me to stand up in a courtroom or just stand next to you, it would be my pleasure and honor to do so. Please let me know what you need from us. With all our Love and gratitude


Sharon is an amazing, person!  She is so dedicated to her clients, well-being and securing a future for there families. She is professional and honest at ALL times, her work ethic is phenomenal, Our process took about 2 years from start to residents, with a pandemic crises to deal with in the middle of what was a long drawn out process and being a split family due to border closures, Sharon continued tirelessly taking us step by step through the immigration process, Appealing with such fortitude where was required to. Sharon is Simply the BEST there is...!


You have looked after Carey and Craig and now ourselves with great care and professionalism. You have our full support and sympathy With regards


Latavia and I (and I am sure I can speak for my sister) are 150% behind you and share your pain and disappointment. We wholeheartedly support you guys, not just because you are exceptional and professional the work you do, on our behalf, and for us, but also because of the wonderful people you are and have proven to be, to many more than just ourselves. We will definitely contact Duncan Connor as a show of our support for you and what you do for us. I have absolutely no doubt that the advice and service from your Team will continue to be as brilliant as ever and that when things calm down from a Covid point of view, that you will be right by us when we get our work visas and residency in the months to come. Know that you are well loved and supported. All the best.


I am absolutely shocked and appalled at how you have been treated by the IAA and that you have suffered such loss with no further explanation.  The injustice you have incurred is truly disgusting and I felt so emotional reading your whole ordeal and what you have been through that it brought tears to my eyes!! I know what an incredibly rough year this has been for you already with the loss of your dear dad, Ian’s surgeries and issues and all this crazy covid stuff you have had to adapt to in terms of immigration services to your clients and now this!  It really is truly awful and you so don’t deserve any of it.   I find it bitterly ironic that the very place you have spent almost 3 decades promoting, praising and sending eager and hopeful South Africans who have then sewed into the NZ economy,  is now the very place that has treated you with such utter disrespect and complete disregard for your professional services.  It has really saddened me.  I am so very sorry that you had to go through this. Thank you for taking the time to write such heartfelt, but transparent words of reassurement to your clients.  I have no doubt that despite this massive change and loss, your company you have built up will remain one of integrity and service and that we remain in good and capable hands and that our journey’s will be successful...it just makes me sad you can’t do what you are so good at doing. :-( Sharon, although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet, I have gotten to know you from the service you provide through our many comms.  From our dealings over the past 2 years or so, when you came so highly recommended from our friends, one thing I can say for sure is that you have always been so clear, explaining all immigration processes thoroughly.  You have always been cautious with your wording and advice given,(whilst dealing with so many different families concurrently) exactly for the reason that this kind of thing you have just endured should never happen. ...


We are so sorry to hear about this.  It must be absolutely devastating for you!  We can understand that you just simply don't have the energy or the funding to take this matter further at this point in time.  It must also be very trying with Ian' health, the passing of your dad and the whole covid story to keep everything in the office together.  You guys have been doing an amazing job so far and we will be forever thankful for all you have done for us.   We are thinking about you guys and hope that you will be able to put this all behind you soon and look forward to your retirement next year.  


Yes, we have been happy with our dealings with you and the agency to date. As we have not yet reached the stage of lodging, some of the list I cannot yet speak to. 


We are shocked at your news and for us nothing changes. You provide an exceptional service, have been incredibly with an almost super human capacity patient and supportive when we were very emotional, stressed and strained. The service you offer is hectically serious stuff. It affects peoples lives, people stake their futures on your advice and support. Like many other before me, we put everything on the line all based on trust. Please don't question what you do and have done. It speaks for itself and for that you have our sincere thanks.


Terribly sorry Sharon and a most poor show; let us know if there is anything we can do but be and keep strong!


I was so shocked to receive your news. I am so sorry you have to go through this and to have been treated so unfairly.  Thank you for all you have done for our family. Thinking of you   


I just received your email and my wife and I are completely flabbergasted at the ridiculousness of this situation over paperwork. It has become apparent that they have no idea what issues they are causing in this country in the long run. No idea how this economy is going to cope without immigrants? Almost every point of service delivery I have received since I have arrived here has been from an immigrant. All the best Sharon and thanks for the support to date and we are praying for a successful outcome in this for all parties involved.  


Please forward on to Sharon my heartfelt astonishment at the treatment that she has received. At the end of each day we can only look inside of ourselves to know our true intent and worth - the world can often be attached to such lousy systems of value. Thank you for extending the continued super service as you have - we remain confident in our NZ adventure to come.


Good morning Sharon.  We would like to let you know, we are thinking of you in this time and we are terribly sorry that this has happened!  We hope and pray that this will all be sorted and you'll be back doing what you do best.  Best of luck. 


My dear Sharon  I've been processing this mail and trying to find the words. Unusual for me as they normally, just flow.  I can imagine how devastated and betrayed you must feel. The lifelong work ending on this note! Just know though, that the conclusion by the authorities is no reflection of your work in the last 28 years and how you will move forward. In moments like these, in extreme judgment, it's best to stop, standstill and acknowledge what you have done. If you don't, you're simply agreeing with them.  It is also incredibly courageous not to Appeal, and not to prove your correctness. In itself that is a stand and not a re capitulation.  I really wish that this had not happened, and yet, it does happen so often to those in charge, making progress and doing good work. It's a negative inheritance so to speak.  I trust (as always), your decision on the way forward and I still look forward to, in the future, seeing your mails, with information and conversation.  Take good care Sharon and just know many many respect and are grateful to you for the work you have done and will do.  Sending much love 


Sorry to hear about your licence.  Sometimes things happen that seems unfair or unjust, but we have seen in our lives that a curse usually turns into a blessing. We don't always understand why things happen, but at the end it always steered us in a better direction.  All the best with all the decisions. 


Am so sorry to hear about your devastating news. I can only imagine the heart ache you are experiencing, especially knowing how much heart and passion you have put in over the years.   


I am so devastated to hear your news and hope that you will find the strengths and wisdom to resolve this matter and life decision. I hope you are well and am thinking of you and wishing you strength with your registration dilemma. You offer such an exceptional service and I so hope you get sorted.  


This is truly devastating news on top of a already devastating year. Sharon you have been with us every step of the way, to see the carpet pulled out from under you in this manner is extremely saddening, especially on the back of the year you have personally endured. I know I would fight but fully understand the cost / travel / emotional affects this would have on you and fully respect your decision to let it be. We wish you and Ian as well as your team all the best for your years ahead, what you and your team have and continue to do for families like ours is truly life changing and we really do appreciate your work, thank you.  


NZ has been great for us. We made friends and South African friends. We have our doggie here. We have each other. I'm just so happy the way that you guys handles the way that we came over with the applications and stuff. I see a lot of people who did not do their homework will probably end up going back to SA. We didn't mess around with the residency part compared to the other people. You guys are the best in my eyes and we are really looking forward to this residency status. New Zealand for us is so much easier, we are financially so much happier and don't regret a single day.    


SHARON we as a family are deeply sorry for your mix up in paper work and the deeply sad news of you not getting your license renewal, we wish you and IAN all the best, and hope to hear from you soon.      


This is such sad and disappointing news. I feel terrible for you and wish there was an easier way to regain your licence.  This must be a very difficult time for you and Ian.  Thank you for how you have explained the situation and how our process will be looked after by your colleague. Thank you for all you have done for us and your other clients. Thinking of you and your team. I also know that you have been working tirelessly with friends who are in that awful predicament of being separated by all the difficulties caused by COVID. I hope that you will find a solution that will be positive for you and Ian after all the years spent on creating your business.  


Sharon has always been honest, sincere and ethical. She also went beyond the Licensed Advisers Code of Conduct by being compassionate and emotionally supportive during these very difficult and emotionally draining times we live in.


Yes , Sharon indeed worked according to the conduct


I have dealt with Sharon for several years. She has always conducted herself in a professional manner with the utmost integrity. Sharon offers sound  advice and always tries to assist where possible.


I firmly believe that Sharon will eventually be able to help me to emigrate to New Zealand!!


When we first thought of the idea to immigrate we had no idea where to start. NZMS assisted friends of ours with their move to NZ. We met with Ian and Sharon, who gave us black and white advice on whether we would qualify to settle in New Zealand or not. It was a breath of fresh air that our entire process from the first meeting with them to eventual citizenship was completely free of empty promises and grey areas. We are eternally grateful for what Ian and Sharon and their wonderful team at NZMS did for us. 


A resounding YES from me.  I am truly at serious odds and loss at having the relationship severed that has been built up over the years. The years of experience that Sharon has is invaluable and will be sorely missed. 


Around 9 years ago we sat with Ian and Sharon Yerman to look into immigrating to NZ. During the next few years from obtaining a work visa to getting residency we have been kept informed every step of the way. We can not fault Sharon and her team in any way...they have been excellent! Working with the highest integrity, honesty and efficiency we felt safe and looked after, because of Sharon and her amazing team my husband and I now get to life and work in New Zealand. There are no words to thank Sharon for the hours of work she put in to assisting us so that we can now live life in a safe country. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Yes, you’ve been of great service to me and Jo ann over the last nearly 4 years. You gave us peace of mind and always set us at ease when we started panicking. 


Yes, I agree. Sharon came highly recommended to me by someone I trust implicitly.  From first contact, Sharon's service was impeccable, her advise on point. She walked me through all of the steps, and prepared me for the reality that was soon to be immigration.  Sharon was instrumental in our assimilation into Kiwi culture. From beginning to end, her service gave my Family and I a soft landing. All of her recommended contacts to assist with my Forex, Shipping containers, insurance etc...all of them offered a fair trade and excellent service.  And that was in both South Africa and New Zealand, yes that's right, Sharon had connected us to excellent Kiwi companies who took care of my families needs upon arrival. Now 6 years later, Myself, my spouse and our 2 kids are applying for citizenship.  We have thrived in New Zealand, and as a result have contributed significantly to our little town, not only financially but also with our "now abundant" Time!  Sharon is an ambassador to New Zealand and is well versed in your Kiwi Culture.  Look after OUR assets and advocates New Zealand!  


I was shocked to hear about the refusal to renew your business license. I can't think of anybody with more integrity and professionalism than you and Ian. Everything was done with perfection. Our immigration would not have been so easy without your guidance and help. I surely do hope that your business license will be renewed and you can keep on doing what you have been doing your whole life, that's helping people!! Thank you once again for what you and Ian have done for us.


This is really horrible news. As much as I love New Zealand they couldn't care less if their system says something and they have to think out the box. Let me know what you want me to send back or what I must do and ill send it.     


Yes. Sharon have always provided exceptional services for us. I believe what happened to Sharon is due to an unfair and unjust system. 

Jaques and Anel

Hi Sharon and Team   It is a big fat YES from myself and Anèl. Thank you for that you have done and all the best going forward.


The news regarding Sharon’s refusal for licence renewal is very devastating to me and I really feel it is unfair. Sharon has been very professional from the first day I met her. In my opinion she is very knowledgeable about the immigration process, and has really gone the extra mile for me. Her advice has always been spot on and there is always an open communication channel to her. Sharon have always been very courteous, the contract that I had with her spelled out all the costs in advance, she always kept me up to date with lodging dates and let me know as soon as we got results back. All our important documents were handled and safely returned to us. I think that she does not leave anything to chance and try and prepare all the applications as well as she possibly can. I want to implore you to reconsider the verdict to refuse renewal of her licence, as I think Sharon is a great ambassador for NZ and the whole Immigration Process.


All the best Sharon, our thoughts are with you.  


And wish you all the best going forward God bless 🙏🙏


Sharon managed our immigration and we arrived in NZ in Feb 2013. Our daughter’s application was quite a difficult one. Sharon was amazing! She showed such empathy with our situation and certainly went the extra mile for our whole family. Sharon is extremely passionate and believes wholeheartedly in what she does.  She cares for each and every client and treated us like family.  I think this is an extremely sad situation – you won’t find anyone who will work as hard as Sharon does!!! All the very best to you Sharon 😊


Sharon was my agent since I signed up and was first planning my move from South Africa to New Zealand. From the first day we (me and my partner back then) was made aware of the process and given an overview of what to expect. Since signing up, we were made aware of new rules that would affect us and received fast feedback whenever we had any inquiries or questions. I have only received professional and transparent service from Sharon. We could not have been more happy with the service from Immigration Services and more specifically Sharon. I came as a shock when I was informed that Sharon's licence was not renewed. From the type of service and feedback we received throughout our process, this makes no sense as we would highly recommend her as an agent and would want to use her services again if ever we where put in the same position. We have since also recommended her to friends.


YES! Sharon provided myself and my family with exceptional service throughout our journey to New Zealand.  I have, and will continue to recommend her without hesitation.


Thank you for updating me on your current situation in the email below. I am so sorry to hear about the recent IAA decision regarding your license renewal as myself, Joanne and our daughters have experienced nothing other than excellent service from yourself and your fellow colleagues at New Zealand Migration Services in our emigration journey particularly during the very trying times that we have all experienced over the past year. We are now happily settled in New Zealand with indefinite resident visas and plan to be apply for permanent residency after our two year time period has been completed towards the end of 2022.   Thank you for the support and advice that you have provided over the past 2 years, it has been of the highest standard and in my view in line with the code of conduct referenced below. All the best for your future endeavours and I hope that everything turns out well for yourself and Ian. Keep well.


I have read the Code of conduct. You have fulfilled this 100% and hence the answer is YES. You have always directed in the best possible way, advised, and remained connected during this difficult process.  Hence, you are not only doing your job successfully, but you go over and above what is required, as for you, that is necessary. I really do hope that the commission sees the light and recognizes your value.   


Thank you for your excellent service and kindness and I wish you everything of the best for the future. This too shall pass 🤗. 


When I read your email, I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and see how the closures of the NZ immigration offices in SA has affected you and how you guys are doing in general, after this hard year.  And then you sent me this! This must be such an enormous blow to you after so many years of outstanding achievements and dedication. Devastating - as you say. I am glad that you are determined to pick yourself up, dust off and carry on head with your held high.We found working with you and your team a total delight. You were unfalteringly reliable, communicative, clear in what needed to be done and when, trustworthy and always supportive. You made, what was the biggest event of our lives, manageable and smooth. I hope the transition of your business goes smoothly and that this time next year, you and Ian are somewhere beautiful and peaceful and have a new lease on life. You have both worked so hard for other people’s lives, maybe it’s time you focus on yours. Build the life you want for the next chapter. Let me know how we can help.


We have only positive things to say about Sharon and her staff. They helped us all the way to secure our immigration to New Zealand in a very professional and friendly manner. They answered emails or phone calls in a timely manner and we have recommended them to friends and family.  Sharon I hope they reconsider and grant you your license immediately.   


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Exceptional service!!!


Sharon provides the most professional service in regards to immigration services. Always providing updates with meticulous detail.  


A resounding YES from me. You were completely professional in all my dealings with you and I feel you went over and above what I expected to get us the desired result. We stand in full solidarity with you. I wish you success in your endeavor to fight this.  


I reply "YES" to this email for solidarity for Sharon and her business. They are a great team who helped us as a family with their utmost experience and knowledge to migrate abroad.